Best white kettles for stylish kitchens

White is an understandably popular colour for kitchen appliances – it’s clean, classic, and, like stainless steel, goes with pretty much any décor.

In fact, according to Google, ‘white kettle’ is the second most popular kettle-colour search, right after ‘black kettle’. 

However, you may not always be able to find a kettle in pure white – a lot of manufacturers often offer cream or beige as a neutral colour instead of white.

We’ve tested the same number each of white and beige kettles (44), then chosen our top picks to suit any style of kitchen. Read on to see which white kettle might be perfect for your countertop, as well as how to keep your kettle clean and where to find matching white kettle and toaster sets.

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Best white kettle for a modern kitchen

Russell Hobbs Inspire Blanc 24360 kettle, £29

Russell Hobbs Inspire Blanc 24360 white kettle
  • We like: Quick and quiet boiling
  • We don’t like: Tricky to clean

This stylish white kettle from Russell Hobbs holds up to 1.7 litres of water and glows a blue light while it heats. The mains cord is also quite long – at nearly a metre – giving you more flexibility in where to put it.

It also comes with a longer-than-average warranty at three years, and you can buy a matching two- or four-slot toaster to complete the set.

Head to our Russell Hobbs Inspire Blanc 24360 kettle review for our full verdict.

Where to buy:

Best white kettle for a traditional kitchen

DeLonghi Active KBLA3001.W kettle, £34.99

DeLonghi Active KBLA3001.W white kettle
  • We like: Easy to use
  • We don’t like: Noisy

Lightweight with a classic look, this white kettle by DeLonghi has a capacity of 1.7 litres of water.

It’s made of plastic with a jug design and standard mesh filter designed to catch any rogue limescale shards. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Head to our DeLonghi Active KBLA3001.W kettle review to see how it performed in our tests.

Where to buy:

Best budget white kettle

Morphy Richards Dune 108268 kettle, £24.99

  • We like: Effective limescale filter
  • We don’t like: Can’t boil just one cup

This cheap and cheerful white plastic kettle from Morphy Richards, which features a textured body design, is very light – at 0.7kg when empty. It also has a matching toaster.

The minimum fill level is roughly two cups, so it’s a little wasteful if you’re only boiling enough for one cup of tea. But at £24.99, it’s one of the cheapest kettles we’ve tested.

Head to our Morphy Richards Dune 108268 kettle review to see how it compares with pricier models.

Where to buy:

Best multi-temperature white kettle

Bosch TWK8631GB kettle, £60

Bosch TWK8631GB white kettle
  • We like: Energy efficient
  • We don’t like: Filter could be better

With super-fast boiling and multi temperature technology, this futuristic white kettle from Bosch lets you set the temperature you want your water to boil to – from 70ºC to 100ºC.

It’s slightly heavier than most other kettles at 1kg, and has a maximum water limit of 1.5 litres.

Head to our Bosch TWK8631GB kettle review for the full results of our testing.

Where to buy:

Best white kettle and toaster set

Breville Curve VKT018 kettle, £35.99

Breville Curve VKT018 and Breville Curve VTT787 white kettle and toaster set
  • We like: Fast boiling
  • We don’t like: Flickering lights

The Breville Curve kettle features a sleek, textured exterior pattern with rose gold accents, and matches with the Breville Curve VTT787 toaster

The limescale filter is machine-washable, and its minimum fill volume is low enough to let you boil just 250ml of water – saving you water and energy.

Head to our Breville Curve VKT018 kettle review for the full results rundown.

Where to buy:

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Can I buy a matching white kettle and toaster set?

White kettle and toaster set

To give your kitchen a cohesive style, a matching kettle and toaster set can help achieve a uniform, colour-coordinated look. Matching sets are popular, and some brands offer matching larger appliances such as microwaves or even fridge freezers.

To make choosing a set easier, all our kettle reviews show you if a white kettle comes with a matching toaster. You can narrow down the styles you like the look of, and use our review filters to find the best-performing models.

You’ll want to be cautious when purchasing a matching set – the problem with buying a matching kettle and toaster is that while they might look good as a pair, they might not always match in terms of performance and quality.

To find a reliable matching set that looks great too, see our guide on the best kettle and toaster sets for 2022.

Are white appliances hard to keep clean?

Cleaning a white kettle

Surprisingly, it can actually be easier to keep white appliances clean than some others, such as those made from stainless steel, as you won’t need to worry as much about noticeable water marks or fingerprints. You won’t need to worry as much about limescale, either.

However, white plastic doesn’t do well in prolonged exposure to heat and light, and food stains are a bit more noticeable. Combined, these can often age the look of your appliances and give them a yellow tinge. To prevent this, try to keep them away from direct sunlight, and wipe off food splashes as soon as possible.

Cleaning the outside of your kettle is one thing, but descaling the interior can be a real chore. See our step-by-step guide on how to descale a kettle to make this tedious task a total breeze.

We’ve rounded up five popular brands, but which is best? Find out in our guide to the top kettle brands for 2022

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