Bizarre “thumb glitch” is Warzone’s latest game-breaking problem

One other new Warzone glitch has surfaced in Pacific Season 2, this time showing to let operators’ thumbs utterly obscure gamers’ FOV. As you’d count on, it’s ruining matches and stopping gamers from having the ability to ADS. 

Name of Obligation: Warzone has been an plain success, seeing over 100 million gamers drop into Verdansk and Caldera since its March 2020 launch.

Nonetheless, to counsel it’s been a flawless journey could be incorrect. Amongst extra minor issues, a few points have haunted Warzone’s success: dishonest and glitches. Whereas the previous has been tempered to some extent by RICOCHET anti-cheat, the latter appears solely to be worsening throughout Season 2.

We’ve truly seen the builders apologize for the state of the sport, saying that the combination of three titles concurrently has prompted the sport to develop into so ‘bloated’ they don’t know what’s inflicting points.

Warzone fans irate once again with playlist decision that removed popular mode

Warzone has been dominated by bugs for a while now.

Now, gamers have been left scratching their heads by one other main glitch, this time inhibiting ADS in any capability and ruining matches because of this.

A Reddit put up from ‘tmac416‘ drew consideration to the issue, saying: “Anybody else get this “thumb” glitch earlier than? How do you make it go away?”

Hooked up was a video exhibiting gameplay, sometimes obscured utterly after they participant tried to ADS.

Each time they did, the whole FOV turned obscured by what seemed just like the operator’s thumb. Naturally, it made aiming utterly pointless and regular gameplay unattainable to realize.

Anybody else get this “thumb” glitch earlier than? How do you make it go away? from CODWarzone

The put up shortly garnered quite a lot of consideration on Reddit, sitting at over 500 upvotes on the time of writing. Quite a few gamers reported comparable points in Season 2 however, fortunately, there does seem like a reasonably easy repair.

In line with those that have skilled the ‘thumb glitch’, altering your operator is a reasonably dependable option to repair it.

Regardless, followers will wish to see Raven handle the underlying trigger as quickly as doable.

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