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ONE of Samantha’s close friends has revealed contents of
messages which killer Ximex Mall dealer, Tafadzwa Murengwa, bombarded Samantha
Dzapata with.

 Below are some of
the messages:

 “Samantha, I am
sorry for all I’ve wronged you. Now, am man enough to stand up to talk to you
with no anger and emotions. Am still learning a lot, but Sama don’t you think
there is still a little hood in the two of us to just try and work out
everything nicely with no fights and all this happening.

“I know you’re doing what you’re doing there and it’s your
choice to do, but Samantha save me and us and save a lot of good please.

“Please, am begging you to really think about everything
before all this you’re doing and planning and thinking.

“Am willing to do everything and anything to fix things.
I’ve lost a lot recently because of all this, but please if you do make up your
mind, just tell me.

“Am willing to change even my name, my phone number, my
home just for you. Am willing to start a new life even out of Zim with you. If
you want right now we can elope to any country with the little money I have and
we start a new life there together.

“This is your final chance to make the right decision and
save me and rescue our relationship. Think about everything, take all your
time. Reply me.”

Tafadzwa Murengwa +263777535936


Second message:

“Good morning Samantha Ruvimbo Dzapata. I hope I find you
well and that you are getting better day by day. Once more am really sorry
about everything.

“Years have come and gone the two of us celebrating love in
what we both called Russanta, a union that brought both good and bad moments.

“I am so sorry for being rude on the days you need me to
beg you and go down for you. Am sorry for the days you needed money and I
couldn’t give you, but had it. Am sorry for all the abusive texts and posts.

“I am really sorry I couldn’t be patient when you wanted me
to. Am sorry for not opening up when you needed me to. May you please forgive
me for cheating on you when I promised to remain loyal and faithful to you.

“I am deeply and dearly sorry for all the times and days I
physically abused you. I have no right to slap anyone, not even my kids. That
is very wrong in all ways.

“Am so sorry for controlling you and also fighting your
friends and family. You even made some decisions about your future based on the
union we had and am sorry I made you lose hope and trust in us. I made you feel

“I’d like to appreciate your availability. In all the good
and bad times, you’ve always been there. Every Christmas and Easter holidays
you’d always make them fun. Removing this year, all the last days in Beitbridge
were made epic by you because you provided everything I needed each time I came
to you. Thank you for honouring my mom every time I was with you. The love you
gave my little siblings is priceless and the things you used to buy for my
family and the gifts you always bought me.

“Thank you for compromising. I know at times my character
is very selfish and egocentric, but through it all you always made me a better
person than when I am alone.

“Thank you for helping me mature. You say am insecure, am
controlling, but maybe I just did it wrong, but all I wanted was for my queen
to know that I love her and I don’t want her to be with anyone else and ever
think that am failing to do all she wants. I’ve accepted correction and thanks
for correcting me.

“I know we both involved a whole lot of innocent people
between us and their opinions are entirely theirs, and theirs to make, either
good or bad.

“Love is forgiving, love doesn’t abuse, but love is
patient, love is respect and I violated all that for so long and I am sorry.

“On the day you dumped me, it really affected me. A part of
me went very psycho and am still disturbed because I was hoping that today I’d
maybe be saying we’re a few days to our marriage. Every day I miss you and
regret everything that I chose to do to you, which was very wrong too.

“I know you say you need space, I know you say I now make
you sick, I know you now say you’re scared and afraid of me. Through all this,
each day that passes by, am losing more money than I’ve gained because this
break is really tearing me apart. I love you, I miss you and I want to fix

“Still on that issue I know you now say I am obsessed with.
You say I am acting angry, but the truth is I’ve learnt that you’re the one I
can only love.

“I might even drive back there, I might send people to call
you, paying people to talk to you, but this is me coming back after everything
for the very last time saying Sama please babe can you kindly forgive me and
give us a chance. I can even write down some more things you want and don’t
want on top of the ones that you gave me.

“Give us another chance and spend the rest of your life
getting the best out of me. I am the one who hurt you and I can take you away
from the hurt I put you through. A whole lot is planned and only for you. I
don’t have money to offer, but love to offer you Sama. Save me, save us, and
save a life hun.

“You can reply me with all the things you wish to have and
wish to be done.

“Before you reply, think of the days at Childline, the
lockdown days, the days I’d take you home, the days we’d do deals kubasa kwako,
the days out and about, the days we’d play nana Magetsi, the days we’d go ku UZ
uchiita project planning and management that course iya, the fuel days.

“I want all that back. Am sorry I’ve been evil, but Sama
this is all I can say and had to say as my last time trying to talk to you
without sending my father, brothers, friends and grandma.

“I am so sorry I’ve been lying to them that we’re back
together, but just that you’re still mad. They all love you and me and hoped
for a good thing for us. Things to do with my character trust me, I’ve worked
on this and still doing so.

“I am also thinking there could be a bad spirit between us,
in one of us that needs strong prayer so much that, pane vekwako kana vekwedu
varikuisa mweya weshaisano kuti tisaroorane kana kudanana because if you check
our chat last month same time and how bad everything happened and how much
we’ve been through, why would this come on the final lap.

“Pane akaisa mhepo kuti tisabudirire. One pastor who has
been praying with me said in passing that ndinogona ndakatoberekeswa mukadzi
kana iwewe wakaberekeswa murume anova arikurwisa inini kana iwewe kuti
tisabudirire. In as much as things happened, we should also agree that we’re
spiritual beings and huroi mumhuri hurimo.

“Because all this kwazvaenda sandiko and zvirikutoramba
zvichienda kusingaende zvakare kusingadzokeke. Hunhu hwangu nerudo rwangu zviri
pauri and I won’t let any spirits use me to fight you and make you angry, sad
or cry anymore. The devil is a liar.

“Having said all this, am parked thinking and very positive
for a better day and a positive reply from you. I am once again for the last
time sorry. I love you. I hope you’ll reply me soon.”

Tafadzwa Murengwa +263777535936 H Metro

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