The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) will soon introduce parking
vouchers that will see the cost of parking going down.

There has been an outcry from motorists and other
stakeholders on the parking fees which are currently pegged at US$1 for an

Speaking during the recent full council meeting,
councillors called for a review of the parking system saying motorists were
being short changed.

 “This technology is
being misused, why is it not being improved as they are getting funds in United
States Dollars? If you park at a certain bay and get into a pharmacy to buy
medicine and you move to another location, you are made to pay again,” said
Ward 20 Councillor Alderman Rafamoyo.

“They should not just promise that they are going to sort
the problem, when are they going to sort the problem? We are asking that they
fix that before they milk the people of Bulawayo,” he said.

Meanwhile, ward 8 Councilor Edwin Ndlovu said there is a
need to educate TTI staff members on some road rules.

“We are asking that if 
I lapse parking by 10-15 minutes, it shouldn’t be a dollar, they should
charge on actualities, maybe round off to 30-20 minutes. Secondly, in front of
the shops, there are delivery vehicles, there are yellow lines, I think those
people are not well trained, last week I almost intervened but then said thus
not my mandate, they clamped a delivery van in front of a shop which had parked
on a yellow line.

“Yellow line means it is a reserved place, that space is
reserved for those delivery vans. I think they need training and should be
aware that shops should be able to deliver their goods,” he said.

Councilor Ndlovu 
added that “ There is a huge outcry out there as city fathers we won’t
be doing our job if residents are crying and we are not hearing their cry.”

In response the Mayor, Solomon Mguni said they are in
constant engagements with the partner and a new system of vouchers will be
introduced soon.

“That voucher will cover an hour from different parking
bays, I think from the communication I received that would be done,” said

He said the new voucher system will see motorists being to
park in parking in different bays using the same voucher.

“It is something that is in progress, in a month or so that
will be done,” said Mayor Mguni. CITE

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