Careers Counsel | 5 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication

5 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication (Entrepreneur)

Be sure [your team feels] heard, understood and valued. […] It’s important to recognise successes and celebrate a job well done. […] Strive to create a safe space for conversation and expression where all sides of an issue can be addressed fairly and equally.

How to Revitalise Your Current Role (The Guardian)

Talk to your boss about the possibilities for enriching your role. Not only do they and the company benefit from using more of your talents, it’s also an opportunity for you to build your experience and reputation in the areas that interest you, which can then be used as leverage when applying for a new role.

How to Achieve Your 2022 Career Goals (Forbes)

Breaking down your bigger goals into smaller objectives allows you to set achievable targets that give you a clear path to follow. With each task you complete, no matter how big or small, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, motivating you and pushing you forward.

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