Cases Fall Again Guangzhou, Tianhe Halts Dine in Service

Guangzhou reported 8,181 new cases of COVID-19 this morning, Monday, November 21, a fall of 253 from yesterday’s 8,434.

It marks the third day in a row that cases have decreased in the city but despite the good news, several districts have tightened their COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control methods.

Dine-in services have been halted in the city’s Tianhe district, dashing the hopes of many who thought they would be able to watch the World Cup in the area’s popular bars and restaurants.

KTV bars, massage parlors, cinemas, pool and mahjong halls, etc. have all been ordered to temporarily close. 

Panyu district is still operating dine-in services, so we think we know where those wishing to catch a game and sink a few cold ones will be heading tonight. 

In Baiyun, a district-wide suspension of public transport is in place.

In Huadu, Nansha and Conghua districts, offline teaching can resume as of today, Monday, November 21, 2022 for kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. 

Panyu has also started allowing students to return in some areas, but the rest of the district’s schools “will return in a timely manner,” Chen Xueming, deputy director of Guangzhou Education Bureau, announced in a press conference on Sunday, November 20.

Here’s a list of the new epidemic prevention methods that were introduced and or updated yesterday:

  • Panyu District: Temporary control measures lifted in some areas.

  • Haizhu District: Risk areas were adjusted and delineated, some temporary control measures lifted.

  • Tianhe District: Further strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures in social areas.

  • Nansha District: Many bus lines resumed operation.

  • Yuexiu District: Adjusted temporary control measures in some areas of Datang Street and Guangta Street.

  • Liwan District: Adjusted risk levels in some areas. 

  • Zengcheng District: Key areas announced, new and adjusted risk areas.

  • Huadu District: Adjusted risk areas.

  • Huangpu District: Key areas were announced and some areas of Lianhe Street implemented temporary control to further strengthen social epidemic prevention and control measures.

  • Baiyun District: Strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures, from now until November 25 the movement of people will be restricted.

  • Guangzhou Metro: All subway stations in Baiyun District are closed.

China COVID hot spots…

Looking to get out of Shanghai?

Below is a list of COVID-19 cases by region as reported yesterday, locally transmitted and asymptomatic combined – you may wish to avoid those nearer the top!

  • 9,085 Guangdong

  • 6,129 Chongqing

  • 1,211 Henan

  • 1,191 Gansu

  • 959 Beijing

  • 924 Inner Mongolia

  • 913 Xinjiang

  • 876 Shaanxi 

  • 829 Sichuan

  • 736 Hebei

  • 673 Shandong

  • 638 Shanxi

  • 539 Qinghai

  • 331 Hubei

  • 297 Heilongjiang

  • 245 Jiangsu

  • 232 Guangxi 

  • 216 Jilin

  • 198 Tianjin

  • 181 Hunan

  • 132 Yunnan 

  • 92 Zhejiang

  • 90 Liaoning

  • 66 Guizhou

  • 59 Ningxia

  • 56 Anhui

  • 42 Fujian

  • 39 Shanghai

  • 19 Jiangxi

  • 16 Hainan

  • 15 Tibet

The total cases recorded in China yesterday was 24,824, up 609 from the previous day’s 24,215.

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