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Chamisa To Maintain Mnangagwa Junta’s Positions 

By- The CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has reassured the military that their jobs will be safe after winning the 2023 elections.

Top Soldiers, senior Police officers, CIO operatives and Prison and Correctional Services bosses have a history of manipulating the elections in favour of Zanu PF. They do so to protect their jobs, and they feel they could be lost if the opposition takes overpower.

Addressing his party supporters in Gweru Sunday, Chamisa said all the top Junta would remain.

Posted CCC on social media:

16/21 #MkobaRallyHighlights Change Champion in Chief 


 assured the military,police,CIO, prison officers & all civil servants (juniors &seniors) that their positions & welfare will be safe under his government as we usher in professionalism & constitutional order.

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