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The Little Green Sheep has issued a recall for some attachment charms found on curved and A-frame baby gyms due to a potential choking hazard posed to babies and small children.

It found some of the wooden rings on the knitted bear rattle, knitted bunny rattle and bunny ear charms on these baby gyms can break into small pieces.

Baby gyms affected by this recall were available for sale directly from The Little Green Sheep website and through a range of retail partners.

These included John Lewis, Mamas & Papas, Amazon and Pramworld. Most retailers have now removed stock with the affected charms, but we’ve spotted them still for sale at Pramworld.

Baby gyms are a wooden or plastic arch with small toys suspended from them. They tend to be placed over a mat for your baby to lie on. Most are suitable from birth and are designed to stimulate your baby. 

Read on to find out what you should do with your affected charms if you have them.

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What should you do if you own these baby gym charms?

Customers with the knitted bear rattle, knitted bunny rattle and bunny ear charms (shown above) should stop using them immediately. The charms should be removed from the baby gym frame and then disposed of.

Any remaining soft animal, wooden and crochet charms can continue to be used with the baby gym frames.

You can then register for replacement charms via The Little Green Sheep website. This applies to both customers who purchased their baby gym directly from The Little Green Sheep, or through a retail partner. 

If you purchased your baby gym from John Lewis you can package up the items and return them to your nearest John Lewis shop or Waitrose Food & Home for a full refund.

How does Which? testing uncover dangerous baby products?

Which? routinely carries out testing to uncover products that could be dangerous for your baby or child. 

Our investigation into toys sold through online marketplaces revealed serious button battery and magnet dangers.

In our test of 28 toys bought from AliExpress, Amazon Marketplace, eBay and Wish we found that 12 toys – or more than 40% of those tested – failed standard safety tests and would be dangerous for children to play with. 

We’ve also identified strangulation risks in our baby sleeping bag tests and choking hazards in our teething toys tests

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