Could this be rise of another Ginimbi?


Dennis Chimanzi

BRIAN Goshomi, a Masvingo-born upcoming businessman who is trying hard to be like the late flamboyant socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, is causing some ripples on social media.

With a distant resemblance to the late Ginimbi, Goshomi, who calls himself “Ginimbi Lite” is taking advantage of his claimed resemblance to the late popular businessman to attract both wanted and unwanted attention.

Goshomi has divided public opinion, with some social media users falling in love with his imitation stunt.

Conversely, others are dismissing the Ginimbi wannabe altogether, arguing that he lacks the late socialite’s looks and character.

Despite being unapproved, Ginimbi Lite’s antics have drawn the attention of many people which has helped keep the late socialite’s legacy alive.

But who is Goshomi and why did he choose to become a Ginimbi imitator?

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“It all started in 2017 when I was still in high school. Most of my peers were saying that I looked exactly like Ginimbi. They started calling me Ginimbi and that name has stuck ever since,” Goshomi said.

Initially, he said, he would always become furious whenever he was referred to as Ginimbi.

“It annoyed me at first. I did not know who Ginimbi was and to me, that was an insult.”

With the passage of time, Goshomi, an upcoming businessman, started to like and behave like Ginimbi.

“As I grew older, I began to appreciate and got inspired by the late businessman. I started to hustle and began acting like him. I also started posting some amazing pictures on different social media platforms,” he added.

From the first day he posted pictures in which he showed off some of his prized possessions, Goshomi has left social media users spellbound.

Unlike Ginimbi who had very deep pockets and cruised around in expensive cars, he drives around in a modest Mercedes-Benz C180 and lives in one of the leafy suburbs of Harare.

Also, Goshomi is still an upstart who sells mostly second-hand clothes and shoes for a living.

On the social media platforms, Ginimbi Lite will be dressed in expensive clothes and prefers the Versace and Gucci brands.

As if taking a cue from the late, Goshomi has developed a knack for hosting supposedly expensive parties.

Early this year, Goshomi reportedly bought champagne worth US$1 000 during a social gathering.

Ironically, Goshomi, just like the late Ginimbi, was also born in the month of October.

The upcoming socialite is planning to have a double celebration in October, as he celebrates his birthday and also commemorate the life of the Ginimbi.

“I have been given the greenlight by Ginimbi’s family to organise the commemorations. I am working closely with the Kadungure family which is treating me like their late son,” Goshomi revealed.

He recently attended Nelia’s (Ginimbi’s sister) birthday bash.

“I was invited and I attended Nelia’s birthday party. The Kadungure family treats me like their own son.”

He also set the record straight with regards to some rumours on social media.

“Some people are saying that I am biologically related to Ginimbi. That is not true. Looks, as they say, are sometimes deceiving,” Goshomi said with a hearty laugh.

While others may argue that Ginimbi is inimitable, Goshomi might probably be finding comfort and encouragement from the fact that the late socialite also started from the trenches.

He, however, has a lot of ground to cover.

Remember, the self-styled king of bling had a first-rate record of throwing epic parties not only in the country but also abroad, where he would fly his high-profile buddies to celebrate.

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