Cowboys fans lose their minds on Twitter after Jason Garrett firing

The New York Giants finally made the call to fire offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and Dallas Cowboys fans are celebrating it like they’ve won the Super Bowl. 

Jason Garrett, as expected, is no longer running the show for the New York Giants offense. After yet another abysmal showing from the offense on Monday Night Football, Garrett has officially been fired as New York’s offensive coordinator.

This marks the second time Garrett has been fired by an NFC East squad, as he was previously canned by Jerry Jones as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for not getting the job done. With Garrett out, Cowboys fans have raced to Twitter to troll the man.

Cowboys fans are celebrating the breaking Jason Garrett news with the Giants

Garrett was with the Giants for 26 games. It felt like the offense got worse each week, with Daniel Jones looking worse and worse. This is something Dallas supporters saw from a mile away.

As soon as it was announced that Garrett would be hired as the team’s OC, Giants fans couldn’t believe it. Countless folks thought it was a slap in the face and that he wouldn’t help Jones get his career going. Those assumptions turned out to be on the money, as the Giants have looked rough moving the ball.

This was showcased during MNF against the Bucs. Time and time again the offense looked stagnant, with Jones playing terribly. Some of the play-calling was downright offensive. The scenes of Giants fans in the stands shaking their heads in disgust didn’t go unnoticed.

Garrett just wasn’t working out and head coach Joe Judge finally decided to end the experiment. This is a total addition by subtraction for New York. Dallas fans are surely saying ‘I told you so’ right now.

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