Dad Won’t Admit He Feels Cute In New Hat

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WILMINGTON, NC—With the accessory reportedly giving him a newfound “pep in his step” that he could not manage to conceal, family sources stated Tuesday that local dad Kevin Eicher wouldn’t admit that he felt cute in his new hat. “He clearly likes how he looks in it, because he hasn’t wiped that grin off his face since he put it on,” said Eicher’s daughter, Kelly, who added that the 53-year-old man was too shy to acknowledge how attractive his headwear made him feel, but that it showed every time he adjusted the brim of the khaki bucket hat in a mirror and gave himself a slight nod of approval. “He brushes off any compliment he gets about it, but you can tell he loves the hat. He hasn’t taken it off since buying it, not even when we sat down for dinner.” At press time, sources reported that Eicher was seen shopping in an outlet store for a new quarter-zip fleece pullover to match his hat.

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