Dear Cousins Sam (in Shubenacadie, NS) and Phil (in Punxsutawney, PA)


Dear Cousins Sam (in Shubenacadie, NS) and Phil (in Punxsutawney, PA)I‘ll confess, my Dearest, Wilhemina, and I slept in this morning – blame it on the great party last night at our neighbours in the woods of Ontario. Even our kids and grandchildren enjoyed it well past the latter ones’ normal slumber time.

We live in “Denmark” now

Contrary to numerous (and frequently varied) local COVID restrictions by different levels of governments, we hugged and danced nearly all night “without restrictions” – in the warm underground here in Wiarton (ON). Of course, in order to not run afoul of those local edicts, we used a simple solution: renamed our abode “Denmark.” As you may have heard already, Denmark just did away with all previous restrictions of the kind. 

Perhaps, even here some semblance of normalcy may return, eventually. After all, there is a provincial election coming up in a few months and people are getting antsy about the whole issue. The “Freedom” convoys by truckers from all across the country to the nation’s capital are but one example. Their main beef is the idea of needing a “vaccination passport”, even just to enter a restaurant. 

At the same time, “fully vaxxed” and “boosted” people, like Canada’s Prime Minister test positive and can do without such restrictions. What one has to ask is what, exactly, is the use of such “papers” if they do not prove anything relevant? Perhaps a regular “walk-about” in the clean northern air would be more helpful in bringing this “pandemic” to a quick end?

But not all news is dire. In fact, we can claim two great successes!

Badges of Honour

On the bright side, a brand new study by scientists from two internationally recognized institutes has unequivocally demonstrated that our prognostications have effects on the stock market in the U.S.  Specifically, the report claims “Results imply irrational optimism of superstitious investors.” ( Details at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1544612321005766 ).

That’s not the only badge of honour! Another study says our weather reports are 50% right. Well, IMHO, that’s way better than many of weather frogs’ predictions. Besides, who even makes any prediction for weeks ahead other than us?

Indeed, while we cannot readily enjoy all the conveniences and entertainments the big city has to offer, our life in the woods is quite fulfilled. Experiencing the wonders of nature and the changes in the lives of our offspring is a great joy. 

In closing, we wish you continued health and happiness. Above all, stay warm,

Your cousin Willie.

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