Does Apex Legends Mobile have controller support?

EA and Respawn have now officially confirmed that a controller support for Apex Legends mobile is in development
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends mobile will release on May 17, 2022, worldwide.

Can you use a controller on Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile released globally on May 17, 2022, but it won’t have controller support at launch. However, the developers have confirmed that controller support for the game is in the works, but it wasn’t ready for the global launch date.

They explained that they appreciate that many player will prefer using a controller, rather than the usual ‘claw’ grip on handheld devices.

“It is super important for us, we understand usability issues, and how much fun it is,” one of the developers explained.

They also mentioned that everyone might not be comfortable with a claw grip, a method of control used by most mobile players, which further solidifies possible controller support in the future.

When is controller support coming to Apex Mobile?

The development of controller support is in progress by the team, and said to expect an update for it in “the very near future.”

They’re still working on perfecting the feature: “We’re actively exploring it [controller support] but haven’t quite got it right.”

At the time of writing, there is no concrete date for the addition of controller support. Judging by the developer’s comments, it should arrive at some point in 2022, but always be prepared for a change or delay until an official announcement is made by the developers.

Although there are a few reported instances of controllers working with Apex mobile, we would highly recommend against that as it could possibly trigger bugs or violate the user agreement.

That’s everything we know about Apex Legends Mobile’s controller support. Until it comes out officially, you may try and get used to the core mechanics of the game when it launches worldwide on iOS and Android on May 17.

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