Everything to Know About Getting a Dermal Piercing

There are such a lot of (no actually: so many) areas of the physique which are prime actual property for new piercings and physique artwork. After we discuss the most well-liked varieties of those, the primary that usually come to thoughts are the extra conventional — like ear piercings, nostril piercings, and navel piercings — however there’s one other kind that does not get sufficient consideration: dermal piercings.

What Are Dermal Piercings

For the unfamiliar, dermal piercings are a type of physique artwork that is inserted instantly into pores and skin with a gem that sits on the floor of pores and skin like a chunk of bijou. It would not have an entry level or exit like, say, a nostril or ear ear piercing.

“I normally confer with them as ‘floor anchors'” Tom Gottschalk, a piercer at Dorje Adornments in Rochester, NY, instructed POPSUGAR. “They will go in most locations which have little to no motion, such because the cheekbone or the again of the neck — mainly locations the place you do not usually see your pores and skin transfer.”

Nonetheless, there’s a lot to know in regards to the pattern earlier than you make an appointment. From aftercare directions to rejection tricks to basic data on what these even are, we spoke to an skilled to get the 411 on all the things you need to know earlier than getting a dermal piercing.

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