Everything we know about Moonbreaker: Tabletop gameplay, platforms, trailer, release date, more

Subnautica developers Unknown Worlds’ latest IP Moonbreaker is a turn-based miniatures game, and famous author Brandon Sanderson helped bring it to life.

Moonbreaker targets an untapped video game audience, combining real-time strategy with tabletop miniatures.

Players can paint their very own tabletop figures and use them in an expansive turn-based combat universe.

Unknown Worlds collaborated with famous author Brandon Sanderson on the project, who is best known for the Mistborn series, The Stormlight Archive, and The Wheel of Time.

Sanderson lauded Unknown Worlds for their “incredible” work on Subnautica and “was absolutely thrilled to help craft the expansive sci-fi universe in which their next game is set.”

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming collaboration.


Is there a Moonbreaker release date yet?

Moonbreaker draws inspiration from Hearthstone and XCOM.

Moonbreaker is coming to Steam Early Access on September 29.

Moonbreaker platforms

PC is the only confirmed platform for Moonbreaker’s release.

Moonbreaker trailers

Moonbreaker was announced at Gamescom 2022.

Unknown Worlds’ Game Director Charlie Cleveland, said his team was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy and the famous sci-fi series Firefly.

The development team created a bright and vibrant color scheme for Moonbreaker based on the two series.

Moonbreaker tabletop gameplay

Clevland explained you assemble a roster of one captain and 10 crew members. Each miniature can be hand-painted using an in-game design system.

The Game Director argued, “You can’t have a miniatures game without painting. It feels like you are painting an actual miniature.”

Once a team is assembled, they are tested against other players online in combat akin to XCOM and Hearthstone.

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