FATHER AND SON ROW OVER BEDROOM newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A 51-YEAR-OLD man has riled his elderly father by forcibly
moving into his bedroom.

The father, John Charumbira, says he is prepared to kill
his son to resolve their dispute.

He has applied for a protection order against his son,
Lovemore Charumbira.

The elderly father said he got the shock of his life, when
he returned from his rural home, to find Lovemore occupying his bedroom.

“He insults me and accuses me of practising witchcraft.

“Lovemore uses my bed and blankets and I have to sleep on
the floor. When I came back from the rural areas, I found Lovemore already
using my bedroom and I had to sleep on the floor,” he said.

The father told the court that he wants his son evicted
since he is old enough to look after himself 
and his family.

He also told the court he was prepared to kill his son and
go to jail if Lovemore is not evicted.

“He is old with children who finished studies at university
level, but he still wants to be my dependent.

“I can’t afford to look after him,” he said.

Lovemore was in default to defend himself.

Magistrate Rutendo Machingura granted John the protection

However, she could not grant an eviction order since the
application before the court was for a protection order. H Metro

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