Fazzaco Expo Dubai 2022 – A Leading B2B & B2C Gathering for the Global Fintech Industry

Fazzaco Expo Dubai 2022 will make its debut in Dubai on October 12-13, 2022 at Festival City-Festival Arena. It is a high-quality B2B+B2C event offering seamless networking opportunities for decision-makers, executives, managers, IBs, and traders across the financial and fintech industry, including PSPs, CRM providers, brokers, liquidity providers, trading software providers, white label providers, and blockchain companies, to name a few.

Various online / in-person events are here to happen, aided by LEDs and displays, with numerous onsite gifts and non-stop seminars, turning Fazzaco Expo Dubai 2022 into a fresh and lively financial show you’ve never seen before, allowing everyone to get more out of it.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Fazzaco Expo Dubai 2022

– Free admissions. Fazzaco Expo provides free admission for all registered visitors. You can register it both on Fazzaco Expo site or at the entrance. To get fast access, we highly recommend online registration.

– Exciting prizes! Whether you are coming here to look for potential partners, clients, or just wanna stay tuned to the fintech industry, or maybe just want to browse a bit. You have the chance to win a prize too! We prepared loads of prizes from iPhone 13 Pro, to Samsung Galaxy S22 and even more!

– Much more networking Opportunities. About 10,000+ visitors will attend expo, it will be a great opportunity to grow your business network and meet your old friends.

– Most engaging content. Non-stop speeches and panel discussion will refresh your mind and make it possible to discuss with industry leaders face-to-face.

– Distinctively immersive experience. Eye-catching visual experience from 6 big LED screens brings you into an immersive Expo that’s totally different from what you’ve seen before.

Time: October 12 – 13, 2022

Location: InterContinental Dubai Festival City – Festival Arena

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