Fight the Fraud or Become Part of It

Either we fight the fraud, resist an illegitimate government, or become part of it, full stop


I was devastated on January 20th, 2021, not because my guy lost the election, he didn’t.  It wasn’t even the swearing in of an imposter.  No, what triggered my soul-darkening despair was the staggering number of so-called Americans who participated in this coup, who helped the enemy put a puppet regime in the White House.  

Those uncounted foot soldiers were necessary to subvert our elections. The corrupt, compromised elites are a small group, don’t have the reach to successfully overturn elections in 50 states.  No, the cabal needed boots on the ground to run their operation at a local level.  

How did this cabal get American citizens to betray their country, to join the revolution

These troopers were used to fill out or print out fake ballots, deliver said ballots, scan and rescan said ballots, keep observers out so as to hide said ballots.  In other words, the little people were needed for the grunt work to pull off a coup 

But how did this cabal get American citizens to betray their country, to join the revolution.  Well, a number were recruited the old fashioned way, cold hard cash.  There are more than enough globalist oligarchs and communist empires to fund the revolution.  Thus people were paid to stuff ballot boxes (drop-off boxes), to dump Trump ballots, to ballot harvest, to scan counterfeit ballots.   But the insurrectionist cabal couldn’t have bought out every single person who helped facilitate the coup.  What motivated the others?  

Well, some are victims of mind control.   Mainstream media and big tech have acted as cult leader for years, dictating acceptable thought and speech, making Democrats demigods who can do no wrong, and rejecting any opposing views.   Like any cult they decree that outsiders, (Donald Trump and his followers) are the enemy, must be kept out, must be destroyed.  Thus to help defeat Trump was a calling, a duty for these individuals.  

Others who witnessed suspicious boxes of ballots arriving in the middle of the night, who saw co-workers feed the same ballot into the machine over and over might hesitate to make such accusations without proof.  They might tell themselves it’s only one batch of ballots, one person, one center, hardly enough to swing a national election.  

It is the small things in life which count; it is the inconsequential leak which empties the biggest reservoir.  –  Charles Comiskey

No matter their motivation, every one of these people helped to overthrow the United States government.  Now puppet masters work in the shadows to destroy our economy, to strip American citizens of their basic rights, to saddle the poor and middle class with runaway inflation.  

Why step into the breach when you have no chance of winning?  

But taking the America’s stronghold is just one battle.  The cabal must hold their position if they’re to win the war.  Thus  the same strategists who flawlessly executed Operation Steal have now rolled out Operation Slow Walk, a mission to jam the wheels of justice until after the 2022 elections.  They know justice delayed really is justice denied  

The regime’s able to recruit people for this round by touting their record.  They’ve proven they can control election outcomes, have demonstrated their ability to ignore or rewrite laws as necessary, have established their role as kingmaker or assassin to make or break political careers.  

So if say an Attorney General (AG) who’s running for US Senate is tasked with prosecuting people for destruction of evidence whatever, he goes into it knowing he’ll be up against  an army of high-ranking state officials, judges, and other powerful people.   He’ll remind himself that even if he nails a couple of low-level players they will more than likely walk in the end.  A man in that position, a hopeless position, might be persuaded to take his foot off the gas.  

Or maybe there’s a state senator who’s running for governor.  Again, he knows he can’t beat the machine.  And again, his bid for governor could go up in smoke if he takes on the powerful regime.  After all what’s really changed since 2020?  Yes, he’ll still pursue justice but maybe with just a tad less enthusiasm.  

Why would anyone aggressively pursue investigations, prosecutions, audits, or decertification when they have no real chance of success, when it could cost them an election?  Why step into the breach when you have no chance of winning?  


Meanwhile insurgents are running out the clock, stalling to preserve their win

A quote from an episode of The Virginian where James Drury faced insurmountable odds yet stood his ground struck me as sound doctrine.  

If there’s a wrong, you fight it—-or else you become part of it.”  – The Virginian

Exactly  Every truck driver who delivered the goods, postal worker who threw out Trump ballots, election worker who knowingly processed fake ballots, prosecutor who steps back from a case, state official who stalls audits or decertification, federal agent, judge, or Congress member who doesn’t fight the fraud is now an active participant in the overthrow of the US government, traitors.  

Oh I know, not nice to call them traitors.  How many times must we, (patriots, conservatives, and plain old Americans), be told that we must be nice, must be civil during the communist takeover.  No need to get nasty just because they overturned our elections and installed an oppressive regime.  

Sorry, these people trampled the Constitution, commandeered our elections, and stole our democracy.  They don’t deserve our understanding or our sympathy, they deserve justice and that means every last insurgent, big or little, should be prosecuted and sentenced for their role in the takeover.   

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph”  –  Haile Selassie

So far the American people have been astoundingly civilized during the takeover, almost complicit.   We excuse the traitors as incompetent, weak, or stupid.  We wait patiently for legislatures to decertify what is proven to be a fraudulent election as they blatantly stall, delay until too close to 2022 elections to change the fraudulent infrastructure.  

There is a price tag on human liberty. That price is the willingness to assume the responsibilities of being free men.  — James Monroe

Meanwhile insurgents are running out the clock, stalling to preserve their win.  State officials, prosecutors, legislators, and Congress must step up now to expose the fraud, to take back our constitutional elections because waiting is a dangerous game, the regime’s game.  

The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves . . Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission.  –  George Washington

Either we fight the fraud, resist an illegitimate government, or become part of it, full stop.  

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