Former Republican President Lungu wants to concentrate on the charity works of the Edgar Lungu Foundation

Former Republican President Edgar Lungu has announced retirement from active politics as he wants to concentrate on the charity works of the Edgar Lungu Foundation.

The former Head of State noted that Zambians should understand that he is no longer interested in politics and will not participate in any political activities in the country as he will now concentrate in playing a critical role in improving the welfare of the people.

Mr Lungu said that after being a politician, he has unfortunately leant that every time one does something, that activity is always associated with politics hence his deliberate decision to be low key.

“So, people have to accept that I have moved on and I have done away with politics,” Mr Lungu said

The former Head of State cited that he wants to be a servant of the people in this lowly but highly pleasant position of being a messenger of hope to the people that are vulnerable.

“I am willing to learn and partner with people who have similar attitude and thoughts like me, so that we support what is common as what is common is good for all of us and what is good for all of us is common,” Mr Lungu noted

Mr Lungu added that he wants people to see the purity and nature of this concept so that those he has asked to come on board and work with him are clear on how he wants to proceed henceforth.

“We are confident that we are not politicking at all, and I think that there’s a common place where politics, religion, goodwill of the civil society and others meet, and that’s where I want to meet my colleagues so that we all agree that the Edgar Lungu Foundation means well,” he stated

Mr Lungu mentioned that Politicians, the church and other organizations should not fear as no one is going to lose their influence or a space at all, as there is enough space for everyone to thrive.

“Yes, count on us and we will listen to your guidance as we do not want to fail like others have failed in the past because of being misunderstood,” Mr Lungu cited

The former Head of State highlighted that the establishment of the Foundation is in place, as they will be dynamic enough whilst focusing on their main objective.

The Edgar Lungu Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established to help uplift and transform the lives of the vulnerable children and the needy in society.

The Foundation will prioritize support programmes aimed at empowering girls and women in Chibombo, Kasenengwa and Samfya to acquire skills in tailoring, aquaculture and other key fields as many rural parents are struggling to provide sufficient food in their homes, and young girls in villages are being married off at an early age.

And to ensure the success of these projects, the Edgar Lungu Foundation has partnered with the people of Chieftainess Mungule’s Chiefdom through the Ubuntu Royal Home for Orphans and Disadvantaged in transforming lives through the provision of quality education, sustainable climate resilient Agriculture empowerment, enlightenment and Educate Social Behavioural Change Communication among people.

The Foundation has committed itself to restocking the Ubuntu Poultry project with village chickens and feed aimed at enhancing the sustainability programme in schools and the restocking of fish ponds.

The Edgar Lungu Foundation with its cooperating partners the Ubuntu Royal Homes for Orphans and Disadvantaged have programmes which are primarily focusing on their work in Chibombo District of Central Province with a planned expansion to Kasenengwa District of Eastern Province and Samfya District of Luapula Province respectively.

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