Fox News running ads about Andrew Cuomo scandal allegations during CNN show of brother Chris Cuomo

Fox News has booked CNN to run ads for “The Collapse of Cuomo” during an episode of Cuomo Prime Time, according to reports.

The special on how the political stardom of New York governor was “shattered by scandals” premiered on the network’s streaming spinoff, Fox Nation, on Monday.

A 30-second promotional spot advertising the programme is running during the CNN programme of his brother Chris Cuomo in New York City and Washington DC, while also airing on CNN shows New Day and The Situation Room, Mediaite reported.

It includes a clip of the two brothers joking around with prop gags in which the younger Cuomo teased his older brother with a giant cotton swab during the height of the pandemic.

“In scale, this was the actual swab that was being used to fit up that double-barrel shotgun that you have mounted on the front of your pretty face,” Mr Cuomo said in the original CNN broadcast as the governor giggled.

Mr Cuomo is facing an investigation into his handling of the pandemic and potential links to nursing home deaths. He is also facing an investigation into multiple allegations sexual misconduct, which he denies.

The ad also highlights several of the most explosive allegations that have been levelled at the governor along with his insistence that he will not resign. It is captioned “from dynasty to disgrace”.

Mediate reported that the limited geographic nature of the local ad buy allowed Fox to purchase the airtime without requiring approval from CNN.

While CNN did not immediately respond to The Independent’s request for comment, a person familiar with the process confirmed to The Hill the ads were not purchased on the CNN national network but were done directly through the cable operators in individual markets.

Both CNN and the governor have faced criticism over claims the brothers gave each other preferential treatment during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the network reversing courses multiple times on allowing the brothers to appear together in its news reporting.

The Society of Professional Journalists said CNN should address a cloud over its credibility by investigating its host over reports of receiving access to Covid measures by the governor’s health department.

New York Attorney general Letitia James urged the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics to investigate claims of whether the governor unlawfully used his office to provide family, including the CNN host, special access to Covid tests at the start of the pandemic.

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