Game store owner mortified after finding customer’s naughty photos on used Nintendo DS


The owner of Pink Gorilla Games Cody Spencer, otherwise known as his Twitch monicker ‘dskoopa’ revealed the awkward moment where a customer trading in their Nintendo DS forgot to delete very private photos off it first.

Used gaming stores are a great place to find relics from the past such as Atari 2600s and Sega Saturns, but they’re also known for giving owners of old consoles a place to trade them in and get some cash.

However, when trading in old video game systems, it’s normally a good idea to perform a factory reset beforehand, because as one gamer can now testify, there can be some pretty embarrassing repercussions if you don’t.

During a recent Twitch stream, dskoopa revealed that a customer trading in their Nintendo DS didn’t check what files they had on it when they went to trade it in. It was only while examining the handheld with the client that some very private photos were discovered.

Customer tries trading in Nintendo DS with nude photos

While trying to keep a straight face, dskoopa explained how he responded after seeing the photos and how the whole transaction played out.

“There’s a customer trading in a DSi with us and we’re going through testing all the features when we find a photo album and there’s just a picture of a dong right there,” Spencer revealed to his viewers.

However, instead of making the customer feel bad, he and the rest of the store tried to remain professional despite having just seen a photo of the man’s nether region.

“Did we embarrass him? Absolutely not. We didn’t go ‘hey bud, I think you forget your penis on this DS here. Did you forget about this photo? Did you want us to email this to you?’”

Hopefully, this story serves as a good lesson for anyone who ever trades in used hardware: be sure to delete everything or factory reset your console first!

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