Google Search Showing View In 3D For Some Wayfair Listings


Google first demonstrated view in 3D augmented reality images in the Google Search results back in 2019 and since then we have seen some retailers test it out and Google also use it for cute animals and other objects. But now it seems some core retailers, like Wayfair, is showing some of their products in 3D in Google Search.

Just a reminder, Google did come out with 3D/AR technical docs for developers but removed the docs and the program about a year later.

Now we are still seeing some 3D images show up in Google Search.

Brian Freiesleben shared an example on Twitter that I can replicate on mobile for a search on [black sofa]:

If you click on the view in 3D box, you get this:

Yes, this looks different from the earlier snippets that had this, here is the old UI:

click for full size

Brian said on Twitter, “Google is testing a new look for “View in 3D” in Mobile search results.” Glenn Gabe added “Whoa, I’m seeing this now as well. Looks like 3d/ar is on the way like Google explained on its earnings call recently.”

So can we implement this for our products Google or can we not?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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