Google Shopping Results With $0 Prices But With Monthly Fees

Did you know that the Google Shopping results can show products with $0 prices? That is, I think, if there is a promotion for let’s say a monthly ongoing fee – such as charging $0 for an Apple Watch if you enroll in a monthly service fee with a phone provider.

Brian Freiesleben spotted this the other day and yes, I can replicate it with Google Shopping listings from Verizon and AT&T, here is a GIF of these in action:

So if you sell items that have no upfront cost, you can get your items in Google Shopping too?

The Google Merchant Center docs say “Submit the price as the total up-front payment (including activation fees and device down payment). The price can be as low as 0 if the price of your mobile phone or tablet is subsidized and bundled with installment payments or a subscription plan. This only applies if installment payments or subscription plans for mobile devices are allowed in the country of sale. This is not applicable to Latin America where the price is not an up-front payment, but is always the full price of the product. Learn more about requirements for advertising wireless products and services.”

So I guess this is not new but I have not noticed it before but again, that can happen.

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