Government urged to compel companies to trade wholesale at Kasumbalesa

Youths in Chililabombwe district on the Copperbelt have advised the new dawn government to put in place modalities that will compel corporate companies to only sell their goods and products at wholesale at Kasumbalesa boarder.

The youths are of the view that they should buy from wholesale companies in order for them to trade at retail prices at the boarder.

Mr Kornelia Lombe told ZANIS in an interview that trading at Kasumbalesa boarder is one source of livelihood for many young people in the district.

“Trading is one of the opportunities that we as young people are engaged in here in Chililabombwe. But if the big companies which include millers are doing trade right at the boarder, we will have nothing to do. As you know, jobs are hard to find,” she said.

She added that trading at the boarder is a main income generating activity which help many youths not to engage in illicit activities.

And Chililabombwe Mayor Lucky Sichone has observed that there is a need to engage the government to see how the locals can benefit fully by trading at Kasumbalesa.

The Chililabombwe Mayor said he shares the concerns of the traders and assured that the government will ensure that the cries of the youths in the district are addressed.

“It is only fair that those companies involved in manufacturing of goods sell their products to other businesses at wholesale price in order for the small businesses to sell those goods at retail prices. If a manufacture sells the goods up to the retail price, the others who are supposed to do that business are cut off which should not be the case,” he said.

Mr. Sichone assured the youths in the district that their concerns about how business is being done at the boarder will urgently be addressed.

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