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Grant Morrison Releases a Sci-Fi Comic He Made Back in the ’80s

Grant Morrison, in a black sweatshirt labeled "Evil" stands at the Wired Cafe at Comic-Con

Grant Morrison at the Wired Café during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.
Photo: Jesse Grant. (Getty Images)

Grant Morrison, multiple award-winning writer of acclaimed comic books like All-Star Superman, The Invisibles, Doom Patrol, New X-Men, Batman, and many many more, had a special gift released this past Free Comic Book Day. In wasn’t a new title; in fact, it was quite the opposite—a 40-year-old short story he’d written and drawn in the very early stages of his career. While Morrison originally posted it on their SubStack, we’re absolutely honored to be able to republish it on io9.

Going Home was written when the 22-year-old Morrison and their peers were trying to convince the UK publishing world that there was a market for adult comic books—as in comic books for adults, with mature stories, thoughtful and provocative material, and boundless imagination. A short story about space, Egyptian gods, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, dark magics, and a lot of other things I’m not going to pretend to understand, Going Home is perfectly in that mold, although after the piece was declined by publishers, it went into one of Morrison’s cabinet drawers, not be unearthed until this past May 7.

“Hope you dig this peek into a primeval past and if you don’t, well I’m afraid the boy responsible got clean away,” wrote Morrison in their lengthy intro to Going Home on SubStuck (which is well worth reading itself if you end up having the time). “Hasn’t been seen round these parts for nigh-on 40 years… but you can take it up with him, if you ever find him. Oh, and if you do, tell him I’m waiting…”


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