High school composition successfully turned into novel

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Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

A 21-year-old upcoming author, Courage Mundingi has successfully turned his half-page impromptu high school composition into a 110-page novel.

The novel titled “A Tiger in a Secret” was successfully launched at Harvest House International in Bulawayo last Saturday.

The former Nkulumane high school student told Chronicle Showbiz that the book explores the dangers of secrets in relationships,

“I was in Form four at a place where I was doing private lessons after school. Our tutor asked us to write an impromptu composition, I didn’t want to write it but funny enough it became the best composition in class. To me it was just an impromptu composition and the amazing part is that I didn’t write it wholeheartedly and it became the best which impressed teachers. I stayed for about two to three years but I kept on thinking about that composition and that motivated me to consider that I should do something about it. I couldn’t let it die like that.

“Then last year I met someone who was also an upcoming author, he showed me some of his books that he had authored. From that I was even more inspired to bring that composition to life. He told me that I don’t need to go to school to be an author and for me that statement was the gateway for my book to be brought to life. So, I started to write it after work and in any free time that I got,” Mundingi said.

He gave a synopsis of the novel.

“Simon has it all figured out; his family, business and circle of friends but along the way, a storm arose and tore the veil of the family garment leaving a gorge in his heart. Met with a bitter pill to swallow, he engrosses himself in work and meaningless relationships until he meets Agnes, an innocent girl; beautiful and lovable, yet to face life’s quests.

“Unanticipated, Agnes makes a place for herself in his heart causing him to abandon his previous mission and soar in her plume of ecstasy but somehow along the way the tiger he locked away finds its way out. Veils of separation, storms of confusion, plumes of adoration, tigers of revelation all in A tiger in a secret,” Mundingi said.


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