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Holiday Gifts For Gen Z Internet Influencers

There’s absolutely no arguing with the fact that shopping for the “very online” can be difficult. Between the ever-lengthening lexicon of new Internet Terms, and the quick, fleeting fads (what is an Island Boy??? Who is he? Why is he?), the culture is changing faster than you can whip out your credit card and click “buy it now.” Lucky for you, we’ve got ample Gen Z-adjacent wisdom to share — especially when it comes to e-commerce (yes, that’s internet for “online shopping”).
Of course, when we’re talking tech products and influencer culture, price points can truly run the gamut — from Amazon glitter tubes to lab-grown diamonds. Which is why we’re partnering with Affirm [see footer for details] to ensure that you don’t go bankrupt this holiday season: The digital service will allow you to buy those gifts now, and pay for them over time with easy, manageable payments (sans late fees or hidden clauses). 
Ahead, we’ve pulled together a highly curated list of our absolute favorite, Affirm-sanctioned, “very online” gifts on the market — all of which will surely help rescue you from “cheugy” territory.

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