Hot Topic Has a New Disney Halloween Cardigan For 2021!

Oh hey, Halloween — long time no see! With stores stocking their shelves with Halloween merch, it’s no surprise Hot Topic is boarding the train. The retailer is known for its pop culture-inspired fashion, and its latest Disney Halloween item is already making waves on Instagram: a knit cardigan! The cardigan, which looks extremely cozy to lounge around in, comes in candy corn colors with Mickey and Minnie, bats, ghosts, cobwebs, and more patched onto its sleeves. Plus, it comes with two large pockets to stuff your candy in! While the cardigan’s not sold online yet, it has been spotted in select Hot Topic stores across the country. Head to your local store and snag one before word gets out, or wait around and see if it’ll pop up on Hot Topic’s website. No matter which way you decide to snag this wardrobe piece, it looks worthy of a spot in your closet. See all of the pictures people are taking with this Disney Halloween cardigan ahead.

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