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House of the Dragon’s VFX Error Will Be Corrected by HBO


King Viserys, his wife, and the Hand of the King at an elaborate feast.

Paddy Considine, Emily Carey, Rhys Ifans, and Graham McTavish on House of the Dragon.
Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

Remember that time in 2019 when there was, however briefly, evidence of a Starbucks in Westeros? That caffeinated Game of Thrones moment was soon corrected by HBO, but its existence at all offers a reminder that even lavishly budgeted series sometimes make it to air with technical errors intact. And now, we’ve got another reminder, in the form of some royal fingers that weren’t supposed to be attached to their character.

As Variety reports, and fans gleefully documented on social media, this past weekend’s third episode, “Second of His Name,” contained a moment in which King Viserys (Paddy Considine) was seen to have some green fingers on his hand, a pretty dead giveaway that the visual effects were accidentally overlooked in that shot. (As we learned in earlier episodes, the clumsy king is prone to nicking himself on the Iron Throne… something treated with tubs of maggots, a visual effect that most certainly did make its way through the squishy finishing process.)

“HBO is planning to update the error on its streaming platforms,” the trade noted, so future viewers won’t be distracted by the error, and can instead focus on the series’ many intentionalWTF did I just see?” moments. However, much like that Starbucks cup and even—to mention another recent example of the phenomenon—The Mandalorian’s “Jeans Guy,” it’s proof that little errors and unintentionally funny anachronistic moments can and will pop up. (It’s also proof that fans can and will scrutinize every detail, even ones that take them out of whatever show they happen to be watching.)

House of the Dragon drops new episodes Sundays on HBO and HBO Max.

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