How to watch Dr Disrespect’s $100K Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop event: Streams, Format, more

Dr Disrespect is hosting his very own Fortnite Zero Build tournament with a staggering $100,000 up for grabs. From a breakdown of the rules to who’s involved, here’s a full rundown on everything we know about the Hot Shot Duo Drop event.

  • $100,000 prize pool.
  • Zero Build kill-race format.
  • Action kicks off May 27.

With Fortnite’s Zero Build mode captivating the masses once again, high-stakes tournaments have been keeping the scene’s biggest names busy. Multiple six-figure events are already in the books and now, none other than Dr Disrespect is following up with one of his own.

Despite criticizing some aspects of the new mode, Zero Build has been enough to draw Doc’s attention back to Fortnite. Now he’s putting $100K on the line and we’ve got an early look at all there is to know about his Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament.

Dr Disrespect’s $100K Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop: Stream & Schedule

As you would expect from his very own event, Dr Disrespect is set to broadcast the competition on his YouTube channel. While he’ll likely be dropping in as a competitor, Doc’s stream might serve as the best way to keep on top of action throughout the day.

The first lobby is set to get underway from 1PM PT on Friday, May 27. Currently, it’s unclear just how long the event may last. Depending on the number of custom games in play, we could see a good few hours of action across the afternoon. 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as further details emerge.

Dr Disrespect’s $100K Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop: Format

Doc’s Hot Shot tournament hones in on the popular Zero Build mode. Thus, gun skill will be key as Duos drop in for each round of the custom lobby competition.

Akin to his many Warzone events in recent years, the two-time has set this Fortnite event to be a kill-race competition. As a result, teams will be pushing the pace and looking for as many eliminations as possible.

Fortnite Zero Build graphic
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Zero Build mode has been a huge hit since locking down as a permanent fixture.

There’s no telling how many Duos we’ll see in total, nor how the prize pool may be split. But rest assured, we’ll keep you up to speed as specifics are locked in.

Dr Disrespect’s $100K Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop: Players & Teams

For the time being, no specific Duos have been announced for Doc’s $100K Fortnite event. While we’re sure to see Fortnite’s biggest stars, along with many of the most popular streamers, it’s unclear who’s lining up to compete.

Be sure to check back soon for a full list of teams in the Hot Shot Duo Drop.

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