In 2022, More People Bought Vintage Clothes, ‘Flipped’ Resale Purchases and Shopped Indie Designers on The RealReal

In 2022, more and more shoppers bought vintage, “flipped” their resale purchases and sought out emerging designers secondhand, according to The RealReal

In its annual Luxury Resale Report, the platform looks at the data it’s accumulated from its customers (shoppers and casual browsers alike) to identify the biggest trends in the secondhand market, from growing categories to popular brands to new behaviors. We know the resale market is only growing: 5.3 million new shoppers joined The RealReal in 2022, putting its total user base at over 28 million; it also saw an increase of 44% YoY in items purchased. And we know why people are increasingly shopping secondhand — sustainability, supply chain issues, prices. But some of the most interesting takeaways from the 2022 Luxury Resale Report have to do with how customers are shopping secondhand. 

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