India Today Group launches a new vertical 'India Today Originals'

Mumbai : India Today group has launched ‘India Today originals’, a content hub producing original non-fiction series & features for streaming and audio platforms.

The vertical begins with the trailer release of its first production, Indian Predator- Diary of a Serial Killer, which will be available on Netflix on 7 September.

This year, India today originals will include two true crime-documentary series, Indian Predator- Diary of a Serial Killer on Netflix and Dancing on the Grave on Amazon prime video.

With the group’s content pool sourced from decades of reporting experience, India Today is already in a strong position to enter the original content space.

India today group vice chairperson Kalli Purie said, “When I watch good documentary content on streaming platforms, it is clear to me that this was a very logical step for us. We tell the best stories of India day in & day out at breaking news speed, so why not produce the best stories in a more expansive format with more details for streaming as well? “

She further added, “The advantages of having ‘India Today Originals’ as a production partner is you get a unique combination- storytellers from the ground who have seen the story unfold first hand coupled with those who know how to tell a long form story in a grand and dramatic format.”

India Today’s business head originals & special projects Chandni Ahlawat Dabas will lead the vertical, drawing on her extensive experience in ad filmmaking, documentary production, feature film production, fiction TV, and news TV to make business and creative decisions for the new SBU’s elevated and original content.

Speaking about the new venture, Chandni added, “The launch of India today originals is a matter of personal & professional pride for me. We have quietly been setting up the SBU for the last two years and look forward to giving viewers the best glocal content in the documentary space this year. This is an exciting start and the next year will be focussed on expansion.”

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