iPhone users targeted with new Apple Pay text message scam

Scammers are targeting iPhone users with claims that their Apple Pay has been suspended.

This latest text scam tells recipients that their Apple Pay – Apple’s mobile payment service – has been suspended and that they need to follow a link to reactivate the account.

Find out how to spot, avoid and report this scam. 

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Suspended Apple Pay scam

Scam text claims your Apple Pay has been suspended
Scam text claims your Apple Pay has been suspended

It’s not the first time Apple has been impersonated by scammers. This scam is a text, sent from a mobile number, and reads: ‘Apple Pay has been suspended on your device. Please visit [].’

Scammers often use tactics like this so that you panic and act fast.

We always advise that you never click on links in text messages, but for the purpose of this investigation we followed the link to take a look at the dodgy website. The security settings on our browser, however, blocked us from accessing this website – a big red flag. 

If you receive this message, don’t respond to it and don’t click on any links. 

If you’ve clicked the link already and you’re concerned you’ve given your details to a scammer, you should contact your bank immediately and report the scam to Action Fraud or the police if you live in Scotland. You can also contact Apple Support if you’re concerned about the message you’ve received.

Spotting a scam text

Here are some tips to help you spot scam text messages:

  • The message is from a generic number. Legitimate companies won’t text you from a generic mobile number. Brands’ numbers can also be impersonated – known as spoofing – so it’s best to be suspicious of any text asking you to take urgent action on something. 
  • You’re asked to follow a link. Does the link match that of the genuine company’s website? As a general rule of thumb, don’t follow any link sent in a text message. If you do receive a text like this, visit Apple’s official website to find out what you should do if your Apple Pay has been suspended.
  • You’re asked to hand over personal or financial details. Err on the side of caution and double-check the authenticity of the message by contacting the company in question using details from its official website, or by checking your online account.

Reporting scam text messages

Report suspicious text messages for free by forwarding them to 7726, a free scam text reporting service.

You can report this Apple Pay phishing scam to [email protected]

After reporting the message, block and delete it and never reply or click on any of the links shared. If you’re an iPhone user, visit Apple’s website for details on how to block and report scam messages

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