Is Walmart open on New Years Eve?

Is Walmart open on New Years Eve?

This is the time of the year that many people are stocking up on last-minute goodies for their various New Years Eve plans. Whether it’s getting nacho cheese dip and burgers or you’re like me and looking for some light snackage as you work the year away. Getting stocked up before New Years Eve is a good idea, and there aren’t many better places to do that than Walmart.

The only problem is, most places are closing early on New Years Eve, and while not many places are closed at all (if any), it’s important to know what time you have to be somewhere by so you can get what you need. After all, you don’t want to be driving around as the clock ticks closer to midnight. You never know what drunk idiots are out on the road.

So getting what you need early is important on a night like tonight. So is Walmart even open and if so, until what time?

What time does Walmart close, if it’s open at all?

You’ll be happy to know, dear readers, that Walmart is in fact open on New Years Eve. Not many places are closed, but just about everyone closes up early despite the fact that’s a Friday. In fact, most Walmarts will adhere to regular business hours on the eve of, so if you need some last-minute supplies, you should be ok as long as you’re there before stores close.

As Walmarts have different hours depending on locations, make sure to look up whether yours closes at 9 PM or 10 PM before you go driving around.

If your Walmart closed early for some reason or you were too late getting there, many drug stores will still be open late, and some of which like Walgreens and CVS are 24-hour locations.

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