Judith Collins talks to Stuff on approval ratings, vaccines passes

National Party leader Judith Collins sits down with Stuff’s Henry Cooke to talk approval ratings and vaccine passes. You can watch the live stream of this interview above.

Earlier, Collins says her approval rating with voters has dropped because Labour voters don’t like realising they’ve been swindled.

The TVNZ/Colmar Brunton poll released on Monday night showed a continued drop in support for Labour.

But National remains under 30 per cent and Collins’ personal ratings in the preferred prime minister stakes remain below ACT leader David Seymour’s – and far below that of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The poll also revealed that Collins has taken a hit in overall approval. When Collins became party leader in July 2020, 50 per cent of the country thought she was doing a good job, while just 23 per cent thought she was doing a bad one.

National leader Judith Collins says people didn’t like being told they had been swindled.


National leader Judith Collins says people didn’t like being told they had been swindled.

In Monday’s poll, taken in early November, just 25 per cent of voters thought Collins was doing a good job, and 57 per cent thought she was doing a bad one.

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Collins put this down to Labour voters who didn’t like being told they were wrong.

“It’s very hard when you’re the Opposition leader having to tell people that what they got sold at the election was a pup,” Collins said.

“They were voting for a safe Covid response and a Government that was going to keep out the Greens and look after the economy. What they’ve found is a Government that has utterly failed.”

Collins said voters didn’t like people who pointed this out.

“No-one wants someone to tell them that; no-one likes the person who has to tell them that. That’s the way it goes.

“I can say the only way to change the Government is with National.”

Ardern said New Zealand was in the midst of a “tough time” but she was glad that the poll still showed enough support for Labour to govern with the support of the Green Party.

“I still feel really confident in that vote of confidence that we have from New Zealanders for us and our traditional support partners, but what I would say is that it is clear that we are in a really tough time for New Zealand, and we are making tough decisions,” Ardern said.

“But from here you can see that pathway to the new strategy where people will see greater freedoms and a real change in the way we continue to manage Covid.”

National MP Nicola Willis said on her way into Parliament that support was coming National’s way but change didn’t happen overnight.

“In our case we are working very hard on the issues that matter. Popularity for the Government is fading,” Willis said.

“What everybody wants to see is National doing better. They want to see us putting forward positive plans and holding the Government to account for their failures.”

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