Khura Agency introduces TikTok Sounds Challenge!


The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

Khura, an agency that helps artistes do business creatively and efficiently, will on Sunday introduce a weekly TikTok Challenge for Bulawayo musicians to promote their music.

Khura Agency will determine the first sound on the Bulawayo Music TikTok Sounds Challenge! Thereafter, creatives will get a chance to choose the sounds for the remaining weeks. This challenge will run for over three months.

One of Zimbabwe’s top TikTokers Musa Saruro (@Musawenkosi86) will take the creatives through a crash course on creating viral content in the WhatsApp group. 

Saruro currently has 23 400 followers, 245 200 likes, and counting. His use of predominantly local sounds and his unique take on them can be attributed to his success on the platform. 

Musa is also an established thespian, actor, and all-around funny guy. Khura Agency’s Thembi Terry told Chronicle Showbiz that the idea is to collectively try to elevate the local arts sector through the power of social media.

“I can’t wait to see what we come up with as a collective. Each one of us will have a different take on the same sound which means the pressure is getting worse! Seeing that Jah Prayzah Dangerous sound has 511 000 videos, shows it can be done. We just need to start!”

“The goal of the challenge is for everyone to have fun and explore the limits of their creativity. Over 20 people using one sound and interpreting it in different ways is both challenging and exciting. The public gets to follow their favourite TikToker in the challenge and like and share the content to ensure their “fave” is at the top weekly.

Jah Prayzah

“The winner of the week will be announced on social media. This is a chance to share the challenge and rope in more participants as the challenge progresses. FOMO is a potent marketing strategy,” said Terry.

Terry also highlighted the need to learn new skills, saying creatives need to adapt to current trends.

“The key to being a successful content creator is consistency. By having these creatives create videos weekly for close to 20 weeks, they will learn to incorporate content creation as a habit into their daily lives. This challenge will force them to learn new skills, new techniques, and new ways to market their content.

“Having creatives come together collectively as a group for a common project has proven successful in other countries. The group acts as a support system and an assured audience. Content Creator Maker houses such as Hype House and Clout House have built careers of social media stars such as Addison Rae and Chase Hudson. Grouping them together fosters a culture of collaboration which is the secret sauce to growing in the content creation industry,” she said.

The Bulawayo collective of creatives partaking in the #ByoMusicTikTokSounds challenge includes Miss Kay, Thembi Terry, Michelle Thanya, Mimmie Tarukwana, Ashley Ganyanhewe, Thando Gwinji, Culxure Mag, Lady Tshawe, Emmah Zanele Mpofu, Stewie LeSavage, Bhekiwe Dube, Imicimbi kaFoFo, Qndsn, Charmaine Mudau, Junior Garnet, Novuyo Seagirl, Queen of BaTonga, Indigo Saint, Meet Luminous, Donna N, Khaya Moyo, Cingi and Rudo Amor. – @eMKlass_49

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