Kylie Jenner shows TikTok followers how her cosmetic products are made

Kylie Jenner has taken TikTok followers behind-the-scenes to show them how her ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ products are really made.

The entrepreneur and influencer has notably been very active on the social media platform, posting daily content for her fanbase of over 45 million people.

Since calling out Instagram for “trying to be like TikTok,” Jenner has been spoiling her followers on TikTok with different types of content, including story times, dancing videos, and her makeup routines.

On TikTok, she has gone behind the curtain to show fans exactly how Kylie Cosmetics are tested and put together.

Kylie Jenner shows how her makeup products are made

The insightful 1-minute clip shows the businesswoman visiting and inspecting her lab in Milan, Italy.

The 24-year-old can be seen wearing a white lab coat, as she shows off her various makeup ingredients. She prepares a mixture of powder and looks astonished at the sight of it, pouring the solution into a glass sitting on a scale.

Later in the clip, a mixture of red liquid is seen swirling about in a glass cup, before it cuts to a visually pleasing shot of various jars filled with colorful glitter.

It concludes with Jenner testing out the pigment of one of the makeup products.

Fans react to Kylie Jenner’s latest TikTok video

The aesthetically pleasing video has caught the attention of her fans on the social media platform.

“Omg! She’s coming out with foundation! Yaaas queen” one fan commented, noticing a new makeup product in the video.

“Guess what guys, she’s adding foundation to her line!” another excited fan added.

One of the top commenters thought Jenner shared the video because “she’s thinking her brand is not relevant anymore, so she’s trying to make us feel more engaged with the brand. Loving it tho.”

Other fans are just happy that Jenner was actively posting on the app.

“We love active Kylie” a fan wrote in the comment section, gaining multiple likes.

The video captioned “perfecting new Kylie Cosmetics in Italy today” has over a million likes already, as fans can’t wait for the next range of products to be released.

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