L’Oréal True Match Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Review and Photos

Unlike my freshman year in college, I now prefer when my makeup is almost imperceptible to the eye. This has led to a slight obsession with complexion products with a dewy finish, as those tend to look the most natural looking on me. The problem that I often find, however, is that dewy foundations tend to lack the coverage that I need. As someone with acne-prone skin, I don’t want my makeup to accentuate my breakouts or uneven skin tone, otherwise, why put it on in the first place?

After scrolling Instagram one night, I discovered numerous beauty bloggers and makeup artists alike raving about the L’Oréal True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum ($15). The complexion product did, in fact, act like a skin-care serum in terms of consistency, but the fuller coverage was there, so I knew I had to try it.

The water-based serum-foundation comes in 14 shades, with the formula being lightweight enough for one shade to work across multiple skin tones. I chose the shade 7-8. The packaging is chic and minimal, featuring a droplet applicator and thick glass bottle. The texture itself is very runny with a soft-touch finish, which to me feels very high-end. The formula also features hyaluronic acid and glycerin, both of which are known for its moisturizing properties.

I applied the foundation both with a makeup brush and my hands to see if there would be a difference in coverage. For the brush I used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ($10), and the finish was a radiant medium coverage. However, when I applied it with my fingertips, that’s when I really saw what the hype was about.

The finish after applying it with my hands was more full-coverage because there was no barrier (like a sponge or makeup brush) to soak up any of the product, which I appreciated. The technique made my skin look even more radiant — like I just had on my favorite moisturizer, not an entire face of foundation.

This serum-foundation hybrid is a masterclass on how to get natural-looking base makeup right. Not only did my skin look dewy, but the coverage it provided for a product this lightweight, is exceptional. Though my skin veers on the combination to oily side, the added hyaluronic acid means it could also work for people with dry skin.

I couldn’t recommend this foundation more. It has become a staple in my makeup collection, particularly during these drier winter months, and blows all my other dewy complexion products out the water.


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