MKR 2022: ‘Ashamed’ couple leaves contestants ‘shocked’ after crocodile, kangaroo and lots of crying:

Country Victorian best friends Matt and KT set out to deliver an MKR dining experience using Australian native ingredients.

Despite having some original menu ideas, the pressure and “stress” of the kitchen sometimes seemed too much for the cooks on Tuesday night’s episode.

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Matt, a proud Yamaji man from the Gascoyne region in Western Australia, wanted to honour his family and heritage and created a table setting that guests called the best setting of the competition so far.

In the competition, teams are given five hours to buy groceries, set up their instant restaurants and prepare the food, however for Matt and KT this time was reduced even more.

It took the duo 40 minutes each way to get to their nearest shopping centre, adding extra pressure in the kitchen.

Matt and KT’s instant restaurant. Credit: Seven

After the team welcomed their guests and Matt ran them through the culture and history of the land, he was left in tears, admitting he rarely cries.

Matt said it was “really emotional, I could smell, feel, see all of this energy”.

First up on the menu was buttermilk fried crocodile with aniseed myrtle slaw, which Matt described as a dish that resembles popcorn chicken.

As KT attempted the slaw, Matt was not sure they were getting the native Australian flavours right in the sauce.

Manu provides support to Matt and KT. Credit: Seven

Right at the peak of their stress, Matt Preston arrived in the kitchen.

“It’s not the right time for guests in this kitchen, and Matt Preston rocks up,” contestant Matt said in a later confessional.

Matt admitted to the judge, “I don’t know why I’m going all over the shop, I know what to do.”

After finalising the dish, the team brought it out to the guests, however did not appear to be their usual chirpy selves.

Matt and KT get emotional in the kitchen. Credit: Seven
Buttermilk Fried Crocodile with Aniseed Myrtle Slaw: Matt & KT recipe. Credit: Seven Network

“I’ve never seen Matt like that, he was really unsure of himself,” Jose observed.

After trying the dish, the judges delivered their feedback.

Manu said the word that comes to his mind is “disappointment,” explaining that he can sense the stress in the dish.

“It kind of felt like I was the reason that dish wasn’t as good as it should have been,” KT admitted, adding she felt “like I’m letting Matt, his family, his history down”.

KT gets teary as the couple present their dish. Credit: Seven

‘Starting to fall apart’

Trying to cast the doubts aside, the friends moved on to their main, Kangaroo loin with parsnip and saltbush puree and pepperberry jus.

KT said she was feeling “a little flat” in the kitchen, sharing that the “pressure was getting to me, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed”.

“I’m starting to second guess everything, this is all wrong, I’m starting to fall apart,” Matt added, despite cooking kangaroo all the time.

“The stress is just too much here.”

Manu supports the stressed team. Credit: Seven
Kangaroo Loin with Parsnip & Saltbush Puree and Pepperberry Jus: Matt & KT recipe. Credit: Seven Network

As “perfectionists” Matt and KT presented their food to the group and they admitted that things didn’t go to plan.

KT said she “again felt I let him down” and burst into tears in front of the group.

Milena observed, “Matt and KT felt ashamed of that dish, where was the confidence?”

“They were crying, we were shocked,” she added.

Despite their doubts, the kangaroo was praised as “absolutely perfect”.

The pressure was too much for KT. Credit: Seven

To bring the evening home was the couple’s dessert, Kakadu plum ice cream with bushtucker brittle.

“Let’s end it on a high,” Matt said positively.

Due to complications with the ice cream, the Kakadu jam and ice cream had to be served separately, leaving the contestants deflated.

Kakadu Plum Ice Cream with Bushtucker Brittle: Matt & KT recipe. Credit: Seven Network

‘We’re going home’

“We’re watching the judges eat the ice cream, we know it isn’t right. We’re going home,” KT said of the moment they presented the dessert.

“I got a basic vanilla ice cream with some jam on top with some brittle,” Rosie told the judges.

In their feedback, Matt Preston said that by separating the ice cream from the jam, “a large part of what the dish is” was lost.

It finally came time to hear the results, with Matt Preston looking back on the night as “an emotional rollercoaster, but there are certainly many things that we’ll remember fondly.”

Matt Preston tries the dessert. Credit: Seven

The other teams gave Matt and KT a score of 29 out of 50.

Meanwhile, Manu gave the entree a four out of 10 and Matt gave it a 6.

The main was the hero dish for the couple, with both judges giving them an eight.

Finally for the dessert, Manu gave a five and Matt gave a six.

This gave KT and Matt a final score of 66 out of 100, leaving them third on the leaderboard.

MKR dessert wows Manu Feildel

MKR continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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