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Moneoa lays charges against alleged ‘swindler’ ex-partner

Following shocking revelations that left social media talking for days, Moneoa Moshesh-Sowazi has laid charges against the man she has accused of abusing and tricking her out of thousands. 

Moshesh-Sowazi shared a bombshell Instagram live video last week, where she made multiple allegations against her former partner, businessman Phiwe Maphanga.

Four years ago, the couple were deemed “goals”, however, Moshesh-Sowazi would reveal a much darker side. 

Interim protection order

Amongst the many allegations made, Moshesh-Sowazi claimed Maphange was physically abusive during their relationship, which ended in 2018. 

The More Than You artist also claimed that Maphange swindled her out of R500 000 and car repayments he allegedly placed under her name.

City Press has reported that Maphange has since obtained an interim protection order against Moshesh-Sowazi claiming that she has threatened his life.

The musician’s legal team will challenge the interim protection order that was granted.

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Maphanga is currently married to Gauteng ANC deputy provincial secretary Tasneem Motara. 

According to the publication the artist was held at the Sandton Police Station for two hours on last Thursday after Maphanga opened a case of intimidation, extortion and defamation of character against her.

In one of the disturbing claims Moshesh-Sowazi said: “After a heated back and forth toxic argument, he had struck me so hard across the face that I was on the floor. One minute I was standing the next minute he had pounced on me from across the room, hitting me across my face. This went on, I remember I had blacked out from the pain, I was seeing stars.”

‘Reputational damage’

Meanwhile, Maphanga says the allegations made against him not only affected himself but his wife and family.

The businessman further stated that Moshesh-Sowazi is using her fame to ruin his reputation and cause him physical harm. 

“As a newlywed and a man with a newborn baby, I feel extremely vulnerable, as I am uncertain of the extent to which the threats could be acted on. I have been giving her money throughout the course of our break-up, as she would claim that if I don’t give her money, she would ensure I am in harm’s way,” he said.

Moneoa fights back

Moshesh-Sowazi is pursuing civil action against Maphanga, “we are of the view that the statement he gave to the police and the evidence thereof is fabricated,” her legal team said.

She also laid a shared of false pretence against Maphanga who allegedly took a vehicle, a BMW, belonging to her five years ago and has not returned it.

A case of intimidation has been opened against the two police officers who allegedly intimidated her.

Moshesh-Sowazi tweeted on Sunday: “The quest for justice is a difficult one in this country, but God is unfailing in his promise. Watch this space.”

Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele

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