More Companies Hiring in May 2022

If finding a new job is at the top of your priority list, The Muse has you covered with these exciting companies that are actively looking for candidates.

You’ll notice a mix of industries, from tech and healthcare to culture and arts—and these companies all have a ton of job opportunities to offer. For example, you could oversee marketing strategy as a brand manager at premium spirits company Beam Suntory; build your software sales career as an account executive at Asana; or snag a fully remote product manager role at healthtech company Arcadia.

What are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling to see what these businesses are all about.

Beam Suntory company profile
Beam Suntory culture
Working at Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky to form a new company with a deep heritage, passion for quality, innovative spirit, and vision of growing for good.

Our business has long-standing roots, but don’t be fooled. Beam Suntory doesn’t look—or act its age. From distilleries to offices to sales jobs in the field interacting with our customers on the front lines, we thrive together in a creative, energetic, and challenging work atmosphere that employees love.

Asana company profile
Asana culture
Working at Asana

Asana helps teams orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Millions of teams around the world rely on Asana to achieve their most important goals, faster. Asana has been named a Top 10 Best Workplace for five years in a row, Fortune’s #1 Best Workplace in the Bay Area, and one of Glassdoor’s and Inc.’s Best Places to Work. With 11+ offices all over the world, we’re looking forward to returning to in-person collaboration, incorporating flexibility that adds hybrid elements to our office-centric culture. We’re always looking for individuals who care about building technology that drives positive change in the world and a culture where everyone feels that they belong.

Arcadia company profile
Arcadia culture
Working at Arcadia

Arcadians believe in a world where people thrive. They’re a collaborative bunch of tech lovers, data nerds, and care fanatics who are passionate about taking on the biggest challenges in healthcare. Sound like you?

Qlik company profile
Qlik culture
Working at Qlik

High performance is in our corporate DNA, so we value innovation as we seek new approaches for accessing, managing, and interacting with data. We work together in a flexible, collaborative environment of mutual respect and goodwill. Our employees, known as Qlikkies, are the foundation of our success. Qlikkies collaborate, share ideas, and use technology to push us forward—and we love every moment of it. As a leader of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 11 years in a row, our company is looking for team members who will join us in living out our core values as we continue to dominate the industry.

Hinge Health company profile
Hinge Health culture
Working at Hinge Health

Hinge Health is pioneering the world’s most patient-centered digital clinic for back and joint pain. The company is made up of a diverse team of scientists, medical professionals, and engineers on a mission to tackle one of the toughest issues facing healthcare today, starting with musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders. When people go to work at Hinge Health, they take on more than a job—they have the opportunity to be a leader in the health space, while changing the lives of patients suffering from chronic pain. Hinge Health is a place where employees can experience continuous growth and development, a culture of feedback and open communication, and mutual trust and respect among colleagues.

Banfield Pet Hospital company profile
Banfield Pet Hospital culture
Working at Banfield Pet Hospital

Founded as a veterinary practice in 1955, Banfield Pet Hospital, a subsidiary of the Mars corporation, has grown to nearly 1000 hospitals in 42 states, as well as DC and Puerto Rico. Together with its clients—and the millions of pets treated each year—Banfield is working to shape the future of veterinary medicine.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts company profile
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts culture
Working at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a diverse team of dreamers, collaborators, and entrepreneurs who use their unique stages in the heart of New York City and beyond to advocate for the transformative impact of artistic experiences. Lincoln Center’s people imagine and create in concert with this mission by founding President John D. Rockefeller III: “The arts are not for the privileged few, but for the many. Their place is not on the periphery of daily life, but at its center.” Lincoln Center welcomes applicants who agilely solve problems, show up as they are, and can’t stop innovating.

Electric company profile
Electric culture
Working at Electric

Electric s a place where employees are truly valued. A few of our core values include: caring above all else; without change, there is no innovation; and chasing excellence. Our foundation is built on a culture of helping each other out and genuinely caring about one another and the work we do. We believe that constant change means progress. Growth, learning, and improvement are at the forefront of our community. We push ourselves and each other to make incredible things happen.

Place Exchange company profile
Place Exchange culture
Working at Place Exchange

Place Exchange is on a dual mission. From a business standpoint, our mission is to transform the entire out-of-home media channel to be truly programmatic for buyers and sellers. From a people standpoint, we want to give our team the experience and rewards of building a successful, industry-leading business.

When you join Place Exchange, you will become a member of a highly collaborative team that has a proven track record of success and is working on the transformation of an entire category. You will work directly with and learn from experienced leaders who will empower you to lead initiatives, solve problems, and deliver real impact. This is a chance for you to be a part of an innovative, dynamic environment while also being a part of a team that cares about its employees and the community.

VIZIO company profile
VIZIO culture

Since 2003, VIZIO has brought smart, innovative electronics to life—and to market—so people could experience the things they love with unparalleled quality. Today, the company’s top-selling TVs, displays, audio devices, and other consumer electronics continue to align with the brand’s mission of creating beautifully simple products that redefine “smart” while putting the consumer first. Beyond delivering innovative and quality electronics, VIZIO is creating career opportunities for engineers to work with a next generation data analytics platform, which is working to collect meaningful data and change how the industry works.

Guardhat, Inc. company profile
Guardhat, Inc. culture
Working at Guardhat, Inc.

We are a mission-driven startup passionate about enhancing the safety, productivity, and overall lives of industrial workers. We do this by offering an end-to-end solution to the industrial market, comprising cutting-edge technology typically reserved for the average consumer. We look for individuals who are aligned to our mission and who thrive within a dynamic, innovative, and fast-paced environment. We are a lean team and every individual is empowered to try new things and make key decisions with minimal barriers with the support from leaders across the organization. We pride ourselves on treating customers, employees, vendors, and investors as people first. If this sounds like a fit for you, we’re excited to start the conversation!

Sealed, Inc company profile
Sealed, Inc culture
Working at Sealed, Inc

We have a unique product that tackles big challenges in the energy efficiency and home renovation industry. Our team gets to positively impact the environment and help people improve their quality of life. Creativity and collaboration are highly valued so everyone feels like they’re contributing. We also encourage our team to understand the root causes of problems and to try solutions from new angles. Being curious, inquisitive, and persistent in overcoming obstacles are central values at Sealed.

Sealed promotes healthy living both in and out of the office with programs like yoga classes and workout clubs. We are working fully remote until COVID-19 rates of infection abate.

Lemonade company profile
Lemonade culture
Working at Lemonade

Lemonade is a team of makers, innovators, and status quo challengers on a mission to turn the insurance industry on its head. Team Lemonade works passionately and creatively to inject technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both. What gets us up in the morning? Working with spirited, values-driven people who want to make Lemonade the most-loved insurance company in the world.

Rapid Micro Biosystems company profile
Rapid Micro Biosystems culture
Working at Rapid Micro Biosystems

At Rapid Micro Biosystems, winning the race to bring new healthcare products safely to a waiting world drives us to combine today’s innovative technologies like never before. A career at RMB puts you at the center of diverse global teams including robotics, AI, machine learning, imaging, and microbiology, that are reshaping how urgently needed pharmaceuticals are made, tested, and released for decades to come.

Careers at RMB are fast-moving with the high growth you’d expect from a world leader in microbiology automation. Advancement at RMB affords an opportunity to achieve your personal goals and develop your passions in an inclusive environment where every employee has the resources and opportunities to hone their skills. You’ll do more, learn more, and have the ability to make a profound impact on our business.

Clearlink company profile
Clearlink culture
Working at Clearlink

Clearlink, a SYKES company, is an award-winning digital marketing, sales conversion, and technology company headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. A trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies since 2003, Clearlink delivers intuitive, engaging experiences throughout the customer journey to connect consumers with its brand partners. The company’s people-focused culture has been recognized internationally for strong leadership, business growth, innovative employee initiatives, and corporate social responsibility.

Infogrid company profile
Infogrid culture
Working at Infogrid

We’re an output driven organization doing great things for the earth, which means we need to bring our best selves to work – we understand that everyone has different ways of doing this which is why we offer flexible working as well as fostering a transparent & inclusive environment. Passionately standing by our values:

Chase it – Drive a high-performing, ‘go-getter’ attitude to become a trailblazing, world-renowned company.

Own it – Embrace our culture of trust by taking ownership and accountability to make good on your promises.

Deliver it – Innovate with simplicity and agility to deliver excellence and outstanding customer experiences.

Support it – Be excellent to each other to nurture a supportive, welcoming and wonderful place to work.

Sustain it – Build and promote practices that create a more sustainable world and healthy workplace.

EarnUp Inc company profile
EarnUp Inc culture
Working at EarnUp Inc

At EarnUp, we’re fearlessly challenging a broken system by obsessing over our customer happiness. Our customer-centric mission is to enable millions of borrowers to easily manage their money and improve their financial well-being. Our employees share our values and mission, and we foster a diverse and inclusive environment of exceptional people.

Benchling company profile
Benchling culture
Working at Benchling

Benchlings, as our company’s employees are known, are inspired and motivated by our core mission: accelerating the pace of life science research. Even as a growth-stage company with a recently secured Series E fund round, we continue to embrace the spirit of collaboration and transparency that drove us as an early startup.

Employees at Benchling are surrounded by talented people who are genuinely excited about the work they’re doing and the impact they’re having. It’s truly special for them to be able to work on a product that they believe in, and to work alongside colleagues energized by the shared vision of a future with less disease and greater sustainability.

Fetch Robotics company profile
Fetch Robotics culture
Working at Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics is the pioneer of on-demand automation. Its FetchCore Cloud Robotics Platform provides the only autonomous mobile robot, or AMR, solution that deploys in hours versus days or weeks and addresses multiple applications—including material handling and data collection—with a common, unified, cloud-based platform. Fetch Robotics offers turnkey and extensible systems that find, track, and move anything from parts to pallets in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers.

KnowBe4 company profile
KnowBe4 culture
Working at KnowBe4

KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is used by tens of thousands of organizations around the globe. KnowBe4 enables organizations to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering by helping them train employees to make smarter security decisions every day.

DTCC company profile
DTCC culture
Working at DTCC

DTCC was established more than four decades ago to reduce risk in the financial markets by centralizing and streamlining the processing of securities transactions. Today, the company stands at the center of global trading activity, processing over 100 million financial transactions every day, and maintaining multiple data and operating centers worldwide.

Year Founded: 1973

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Immersive Labs company profile
Immersive Labs culture
Working at Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs powers the real-time measurement of human cyber capabilities across technical and non-technical teams -any role within the organization, including cyber teams, developers, engineers and executives – all in one platform. We call this Cyber Workforce Optimization.

Today, Immersive Labs has over 300 employees across the UK, US, Canada and EMEA, with hubs in Bristol, UK and Boston, MA. To date, we’ve secured $123 million in investment from Insight Partners, Menlo Ventures, Citi Ventures, Summit Partners and Goldman Sachs. Our technology is already helping over 300 enterprises around the world, including AirBnB, P&G, Citibank, Sophos and the NHS, while around 5,000 labs are completed every single day.

ASCAP company profile
ASCAP culture
Working at ASCAP

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers is a performing rights organization, founded in 1914, whose mission is to ensure that its music creator members can thrive alongside the businesses who use their music. The organization is built around a passion for music, but the team includes professionals in every field—law, tech, data, marketing, and more.

N26 company profile
N26 culture
Working at N26

From its initial inception in 2013, N26 has reimagined banking for the digital world. Their global workforce, comprised of 1,500 employees, now serves 7 million customers in 25 markets. With eight global offices located in Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Vienna, and São Paulo, the N26 team is represented by people of 80 nationalities. N26’s global banking platform has done away with physical branches, paperwork, and hidden fees, so that savings get passed on to its customers. Having only launched in the U.S. over the summer of 2019, the company is building its New York City team—which presents an ideal opportunity for those who want to play a key role in building N26’s U.S. presence.

Zeta Charter Schools company profile
Zeta Charter Schools culture
Working at Zeta Charter Schools

Zeta Charter Schools aims to change the public education landscape for all of New York City’s children, and the network’s teachers and staff are uncompromising in promoting that mission. Every week, school teams have dedicated time to engage in professional development workshops and mindfulness routines. Zeta also maintains an open-door policy throughout the school day to ensure robust collaboration among teachers and school leaders. Employees receive ongoing support and professional development and are always encouraged to aim for and rise into leadership roles, as there are numerous opportunities for promotion within the organization as it expands. Zeta has a strong growth plan: It will add new schools to the network every year, and intends to add a new grade level per year until the schools serve students from Pre-K through the 12th grade.

Exact Sciences company profile
Exact Sciences culture
Working at Exact Sciences

From earlier cancer detection to treatment guidance and monitoring, Exact Sciences is working to enable patients and providers to take action sooner—when it matters most. Through products like Cologuard®, a screening option that can be used at home, Exact Sciences strives to become a leader in early detection to help change lives. The most effective and revolutionary solutions start with a focus on people, which is why the company fosters a highly collaborative environment. A spirit of empathy and determination fuels employees’ drive to create and deliver solutions rooted in the needs of patients, providers, and families. Managers provide their reports with the guidance needed to advance in their careers and the field, and celebrating wins regularly ensures that good work is recognized.

Baker Tilly company profile
Baker Tilly culture
Working at Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is a leading advisory CPA firm, providing clients with a genuine coast-to-coast and global advantage in major regions of the U.S. and in many of the world’s leading financial centers, including New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We create genuine relationships and meaningful experiences to help our clients solve their most pressing problems and seize opportunities. Our valued team members enjoy a flexible, dynamic workplace centered around what’s important to them.

To see a list of all Baker Tilly locations, click here.

Bitso company profile
Bitso culture
Working at Bitso

The crypto ecosystem changes each minute. At Bitso, we are not just reacting to it—we are driving it! We are fearless pioneers committed to designing the future of financial services. While developing tools that bring crypto to everyday life, we continuously solve complex problems and openly welcome challenges.

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