Most popular Warzone weapons: Top 10 most used loadout guns

Warzone Pacific has been here for some time now, and Call of Duty: Vanguard’s weapons have certainly shaken up the meta. Here are the ten most popular weapons in Warzone, as of February 13.    

Despite the massive array of weapons on offer, only a few guns see consistent play in Warzone as the meta changes. We’ve seen various weapons rise and fall, like the Grau, Bruen, FFAR, FARA, and more. The Warzone Pacific update brought all of Vanguard’s weapons to the game, meaning we can expect some newcomers on this list across the battle royale’s future.

Regardless of weapon trajectories and meta shifts, the help of WZRanked means we’ve gathered the ten most popular primary picks in Warzone.

Whether you’re looking to increase your KDA or just want to know which guns will give you a competitive edge, be sure to check out our handy top ten gun tier list below.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Map with pacific logo

Season 1 of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is underway!

Warzone weapon tier list: top 10

With the release of any new season, the meta is sure to change and weapons will join the list or drop off if they’re no longer viable.

Vanguard’s weapons are now in Warzone so we can expect a number of Cold War and Modern Warfare guns to be usurped by what is new. That seems to be the case, with five of the top ten weapons now from the 2021 title.

10. Owen Gun

A screenshot of the Owen Gun in CoD Vanguard

The Owen Gun is another VG weapon that has broken into the top 10.

Best Owen Gun Loadout

The Owen Gun is a latecomer in terms of this list and Vanguard weapons, taking until very late on in Season One to reach 10th place.

It boasts modest fire-rate but strong damage, and players who can maximize its handling while controlling recoil will get the best out of it.

9. Grau 5.56

Grau modern warfare warzone

The Grau has seldom not been one of the most popular weapons in Warzone.

Best Grau 5.56 Loadout

Players who have played Warzone since its launch in March 2020 will know all about the Grau. During the very early seasons, the Modern Warfare AR came to dominate Verdansk in a way we’ve not really seen since.

Easy-to-control recoil, clean iron sights, and decent damage still remain, even if it hits a bit more gently than it used to. A slower fire rate and unspectacular handling are the only things keeping it from regaining its once-ubiquitous dominance.

8. Kilo 141

Modern Warfare Kilo

The Kilo was a popular Assault Rifle in MW 2019.

Best Kilo 141 Loadout

Next up is the Kilo 141 – another Modern Warfare assault rifle that has re-emerged as a fan favorite in Warzone Pacific.

It doesn’t fire quite as quickly as the M13 but it hits slightly harder and, most significantly of all, has basically non-existent recoil. It’s no surprise to see it on this list once again.

7. C58

Black Ops Cold War C58
Activision / Treyarch

The C58 was a popular AR in Black Ops Cold War.

Best C58 Loadout

The C58 is another rifle that has experienced something of a renaissance in Warzone Pacific – returning to the top 10 most popular weapons for the first time since Verdansk.

It’s strong enough at medium ranges and can be adapted into a long-range behemoth with the right attachments. It has risen from 9th to 7th, and could yet rank higher as prominent content creators flock to it.

6. STG-44

STG44 being held by Vanguard character

The STG-44 is another Call of Duty classic.

Best STG-44 Loadout

Another classic of the CoD series, the STG-44 returns with a vengeance in Vanguard. It flew straight up to the top three in terms of Warzone’s most popular weapons but has now fallen to sixth. Regardless, it remains a very powerful option at medium to longer ranges.

While its handling and fire rate are not particularly strong, easy to manage recoil and eye-watering damage are enough to mean it can compete with any other weapon in Caldera.

5. Swiss K31

Swiss K31 sniper

The Swiss K31 sniper was added in the Season 3 update for BOCW.

Best Swiss K31 Loadout

During Season Six the Swiss K31, perpetually second to the Kar98k, found its way to the top spot. It was not long-held though, being usurped by its old foe the Kar98k and now four Vanguard weapons.

It’s very similar to the WWII marksman rifle in terms of damage, speed, and handling, but it’s fallen away as flinch nerfs make their impact known. There’s still not an awful lot between the two but, for now, it’ll have to cope with fifth place.

4. Cooper Carbine

CoD Vanguard gameplay

The new Cooper Carbine has a high fire rate and decent damage.

Best Cooper Carbine loadout

The real strength of the Cooper Carbine lies in its fire rate, dispensing with bullets at a jaw-dropping rate. Naturally, it means players will have to reload frequently and learn to control the gun’s moderate recoil.

However, it can tear through enemies (nearly) as fast as it tears through bullets, making it a great option at close to medium ranges. We’d recommend attachments that also augment its handling and mobility to really maximize its strength up close.

3. Kar98k

Warzone gameplay

The Kar98k has long been a popular choice in Warzone, a trend that continues into Season 1.

Best Kar98k loadout

For some time the Kar98k has been the most popular sniper rifle in Warzone, a fact that remains in Pacific Season One (we know it’s technically a Marksman Rifle).

It’s still as forgiving, quick and powerful as it has always been, and recent revelations regarding its flinch (or lack thereof) seem to have pushed it ahead of the Swiss and its other closest competitors.

The irony of a WWII rifle from Modern Warfare is the most popular sniper following Vanguard’s integration is not lost on us but, as long-range weapons remain as popular as ever, we expect it to continue hanging around.

2. Bren

Best Bren CoD Vanguard class loadout: attachments, perks, proficiency, setup

Vanguard’s Bren is now a hugely popular choice in Caldera.

Best Bren Loadout

While the MP40 and STG-44 have been widely popular since Vanguard’s integration, the Bren has taken some time to find its feet in Call of Duty’s battle royale. That changed over the Christmas period, though, with it flying up to second place as players flock to it.

Its reliable damage and modest recoil mean players of all caliber can use it to its full potential. It could yet climb even higher than its current position.

1. MP40

CoD Vanguard MP40 Loadout

The MP40 will be well-known to long-time CoD fans, featuring in a number of games over the years.

Best MP40 Loadout

The gold medal spot is currently occupied by the classic SMG that is the MP40. Long-time CoD fans will remember its dominance way back in World at War and, while this iteration is not quite as powerful as the 2008 title’s behemoth, it is an incredibly strong and versatile submachine gun.

Strong damage and handling are tempered somewhat by the moderate kick, but experienced players should be able to control it with a bit of practice. When you’ve mastered that, you’ll shred through opponents at close to medium ranges.

Most popular Warzone loadout guns (%)

  1. MP40 (16.73%)
  2. Bren (9.63%)
  3. Kar98k (7.88%)
  4. Cooper Carbine (7.50%)
  5. Swiss K31 (6.31%)
  6. STG-44 (4.66%)
  7. C58 (3.13%)
  8. Kilo 141 (2.45%)
  9. Grau 5.56 (2.35%)
  10. Owen Gun (2.11%)

If you want to try out some different weapons in Warzone or even Multiplayer, check out our full list of every best Warzone loadout.

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