Must-Read Reflections On The Reproductive Rights Battle

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With more states passing laws that limit or outlaw abortion, a leaked Supreme Court document proposing to overturn Roe v. Wade has prompted a firestorm of debate and controversy. The Onion sifts through the many reflections published by lesser news organizations to find the smartest and most worthwhile takes on the battle for reproductive rights in America.

“I Chose To Keep My Baby, But I Wish I’d Been Forced To” Jemima McDonough, Slate

“8 Strategic Non-Answers For When Your Organization Is Asked About Its Stance On Reproductive Rights” Amanda McGinnis, Harvard Business Review

“Can You Find The 5 Threats To Reproductive Rights In This Picture?” Editors, Highlights For Children

“86 And Still Heckling Teenagers Who Visit Planned Parenthood” Donna Wright, AARP The Magazine

“Don’t Birds Get A Say?” Kirk Winston, Audubon magazine

“A Way Forward In Hating Women” Oscar Waybrook, USA Today

“All The Embarrassing Questions You Have About Your First Forced Birth, Answered” Amanda Thayer, Self

One Free Scoop With Proof Of Abortion Baskin-Robbins weekly ad

“Doctors Attempted To Abort Me 6 Times, But Here I Am, Still Singing” Lea Michele, The New York Times

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