nAts and the rest of Gambit Esports Valorant Team Now Free Agents


Gambit Esports no longer has a Valorant team.

Ayaz Akhmetshin, commonly known as nAts, has announced that the entire Valorant team under Gambit Esports is now on the free market. He revealed the news in a tweet on August 6.

nAts, Redgar, Sheydos, Chronicle, Engh, Gray, and Kayos are all on the open market and have parted ways with Gambit Esports. The team will stick together and continue playing as a team under M3 Champions for the time being but are open to both team and individual offers.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Esports play has been hard for the Russian-based Gambit Esports. The departure is probably for the best of both parties.

With Valorant entering the world of franchising, this seems like a prime opportunity for organizations to get their hands on some franchise players.

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