NEW: Blessing Shumba pleads for attention

The Sunday Mail

Dennis Chimanzi

GOSPEL singer, Blessing Shumba, is a troubled man.

The revered musician is wondering why his latest offering “Zvakazarurwa” is making waves in the streets, but not receiving favourable airplay on national radio stations.

“For the past three weeks, I was in Harare and I was surprised that my music was alive and being played in the streets by vendors, commuter omnibus crews and in some public joints.

“However, I am surprised that national radio stations are not playing the music,” said Shumba in an interview with The Sunday Mail Online.

Similarly, he bemoaned piracy.

“My album has been pirated, and is selling like hot buns in the streets.

“This is unfortunate because nothing is coming my way. Piracy is killing our industry.

“Something needs to be done. We cannot continue watching this rot with no action being taken,” he said.

“When artistes go into the studio, they expect to get something in return.

“That is what can only motivate them to keep producing good music. Let me also take this opportunity to encourage promoters to consider artistes in remote areas when they organise their events. We are being ignored.”

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