NEW: Mark Ngwazi cries foul  


The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter 

ON-FIRE sungura musician Mark Ngwazi, whose latest album “Nharo Nezvine Nharo” has been well-received, is not a happy man.

He is alleging that he is being subjected to social media bullying by malicious individuals that have been creating fake social media accounts in his name.

After creating the fake accounts, the individuals will then post offensive messages deriding veteran sungura artist Alick Macheso.

In recent weeks, comparisons between Ngwazi’s latest offering and Macheso’s “Tinosvitswa Nashe” have been rife.

“It appears some people are working around the clock to tarnish my image and to create an imaginary war between me and Macheso.

“I created my social media account to market my music and to interact with my fans, and not to engage in unnecessary and imagined wars.”

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