New Pumpkin-Shaped Atomic Nucleus Radiates Protons at Record-Setting Rate

149Lu Proton Decay

Artist’s impression of the decay of a 149Lu nucleus right into a 148Yb nucleus and a proton. Credit score: College of Jyväskylä

A brand new atomic nucleus 149-Lutetium, consisting of 71 protons and 78 neutrons, has been synthesized in an experiment carried out within the Accelerator Laboratory of College of Jyväskylä.

The brand new isotope was discovered among the many merchandise of fusion of 58Ni beam particles and 96Ru goal atoms, and it was recognized within the detector setup of the MARA (Mass Analysing Recoil Equipment) separator. 149Lu was discovered to decay into 148Yb through spontaneous proton emission, which is a uncommon nuclear decay mode. Decay properties of 149Lu had been measured to be distinctive; It has the very best decay vitality and the shortest instantly measured half-life of any ground-state proton emitter recognized so far.

149Lu Proton Decay Traces

Two examples of a hint recorded for the quick proton decay of 149Lu. Credit score: College of Jyväskylä

Statement of the swift decay was made potential by fashionable digital sign dealing with that enables “traces” to be recorded, see the determine above for a few examples. Moreover, it was discovered through comparability to theoretical calculations that it’s the most oblate deformed (“pumpkin formed”) proton emitter.

That is the primary occasion when the fashions of proton emission are examined towards such a powerful oblate deformation. These observations will assist to develop the speculation of proton emission in addition to the atomic mass fashions for essentially the most unique isotopes, each fashions are wanted to know the origin of the weather. The outcomes of this examine have been printed because the Editors’ Suggestion in Bodily Evaluation Letters.

Reference: “Nanosecond-Scale Proton Emission from Strongly Oblate-Deformed 149Lu” by Ok. Auranen et al., 16 March 2022, Bodily Evaluation Letters.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.112501

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