‘Normal mum’s double life laid bare: ‘Everyone thinks I work in recruitment’

A single mum who is leading a double life, as a practising Mormon and an OnlyFans model, is secretly raking in $A53,400 – a month.

Holly Jane, 39, from the US state of California, has for years followed the religion, which has strict rules including no alcohol, tobacco, vulgar language or sex outside marriage.

But the widowed mother of three, who has more than 44,000 Instagram followers, claims the restrictions don’t stand in the way of her lucrative OnlyFans career.

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In fact, Holly – who poses both nude and in lingerie for her fans – says the different sides of her life go hand-in-hand.

“I might be paid to strip off, but there are people who strip off for free – I’m just being smart about it,” said Holly, whose children are aged 20, 13 and nine.

Holly Jane lives a double life. Credit: Jam Press/@therealhollyj

“I’m doing it in the safety of my own home on my own time.

“This way, I still get to practice the traditional ways of being a homebody but, instead of sleeping around, which wouldn’t match up with the ideals of the church, I’m making a living from my hot body.

“When I’m not on OnlyFans I’m just a normal mum cleaning and making dinner.”

The former recruiter quit her more traditional job last year – 14 years after becoming a widowed single mum – and started OnlyFans.

Her husband Stephen died in 2017, aged just 31.

Holly Jane with her late husband Stephen. Credit: Jam Press/@therealhollyj

Holly knows she could be kicked out of the church if anyone finds out, but she isn’t scared of the consequences.

One of her children even knows about her extracurricular activities and “isn’t bothered”.

“My life online is a lot different than my day-to-day, where I’m walking around in my shorts and flip-flops when on the school run,” Holly told

“If you pointed me out to anyone there, being an OnlyFans model would be the last thing they would guess.

Holly Jane doing household chores. Credit: Jam Press/@therealhollyj

“But I love what I do.

“One of my kids knows about my new career and she’s completely fine with it.

“I explained to my daughter that celebrating my body is not something to be ashamed of.

“And that’s what I hope people in the church will come to realise too, when my secret is eventually out.”

Holly says she is not worried about potentially being booted from the church “because I just won’t allow it”.

“I would challenge the excommunication publicly,” she said, adding that she didn’t know of any men from her church who were following her on Instagram.

“If they are, they are doing it in secret,” she said.

Holly Jane and two of her children. Credit: Jam Press/@therealhollyj

Holly also believes her late husband would have approved of her choices.

“Stephen always knew of this sexy side to me. I think he would have been supportive,” she said.

“I’ve only told two of my friends. Everybody else thinks I work in recruitment.”

She doesn’t plan to quit her side hustle anytime soon, and believes God would support her choices.

“I’ve always had this desire, which dates back to when I was a little girl, where I would long to be doing Playboy,” she said.

“OnlyFans is different from porn, as these men feel like they have a relationship with you.

“So if they want a little bit of me, I don’t mind doing that.

“Especially if I’m getting paid.”

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