Not Even Duct Tape Will Fix Stupid

The truth is not in the Marxists or the Democrat Party in America.  Only the other day the President lied about America’s current recession


Not Even Duct Tape Will Fix Stupid

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid.” ~Benjamin Franklin

The Marxist Democrat Party has a history of treating American voters as if they were stupid.  Had the 2020 general election been proven to have been legitimate, I would have agreed that maybe they were on the right track.  Even though the Marxist Democrat Party and their elitist minions continue to lie about that election, we know Boss Joe Biden ratted them out and revealed the degree of cheating that went on.  None the less, over the last few decades Democrats have lied and made some of the most stupid utterances.  This suggests that they don’t know when you point your finger at someone three of your fingers are pointing right back at you.  Democrats are very, very good at accusing others of doing the things they only do.  Let’s look back at some of the Democrat Party’s greatest gems.

When caught on camera playing pattycake with someone other than his wife.

“Those rumors are false. I believe in the sanctity of marriage.”~ John Edwards

In regard to one of Ted Kennedy’s dalliances while afloat caught on camera.

“Ah see that the good Senatuh from the great state of Massutwoshits has changed his position on off-shore drillin’.” ~ Sam Rayburn Democrat House Speaker

When speaking to the U.S. Congress about sex, I guess definitions are fluid.

“It depends what your definition of ‘is’ is?’‘ ~ William Jefferson Clinton

“Bill is the greatest husband and father I know. No one is more faithful, true, and honest than he is.” ~ Hillary Rodham-Clinton

Honor appropriation, before he became the climate Guru.

“I invented the Internet.” ~ Al Gore

I didn’t know this was possible.  You’d think this fellow wasn’t raised in America.

“I have campaigned in all 57 states.” ~ Barack Obama

“America is, is no longer, uh, what it, uh, could be, uh, what it was once was, uh, and I say to myself, uh, I don’t want that future, uh, for my children.” ~ Barack Obama

“You have a business, you didn’t build that. Someone else did!” ~ Barack Obama


And from the reigning queen of contemporary Democrat stupidity.

“You don’t need God anymore; you have us Democrats.” ~ Nancy Pelosi 

“We just have to pass Obama’s Healthcare Bill to see what’s in it.” ~ Nancy Pelosi (the same can be said about a stool sample)

“You need to vote for the Democrats.  Otherwise the illegal aliens will lose their rights”!  ~ Nancy Pelosi

And more from Queen Pelosi’s court.

“Having an abortion is no different than having one’s tonsils removed.”  ~ Elizabeth Warren

“Owning guns is not a right. If it were a right, it would be in the Constitution.” ~ Alexandria Ocasio Cortez 

“Homicide is the leading cause of murder.”  ~ Rep. Sheila Jackson

“My fear is if North Korea nukes us, Trump is gonna get us into a war.” ~ Maxine Waters


And finally, from the Oval Office, the Boss and his potential replacement uttered these words of “wisdom.”   

“No ordinary American cares about Constitutional rights.”  ~ Joe Biden

“Gorsuch isn’t fit to serve (in the Supreme Court) because he uses law and not emotions.” ~ Kamala Harris

“We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” ~ Joe Biden

I have to admit, these quotes were low hanging fruit.  However, I feel they well demonstrate just how little the Marxist Democrats and their elitist oligarch minions regard American citizens.  In today’s Marxist Democrat world, their primary strategy is the lie.  They are following Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ model that if you tell a lie often enough, it will soon be accepted as truth.

“A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good just because it’s accepted by a majority” ~ Booker T. Washington


“Truth is a tyrant—the only tyrant to whom we can give our allegiance. The service of truth is a matter of heroism.” ~ John F. Kennedy


The truth is not in the Marxists or the Democrat Party in America.  Only the other day the President lied about America’s current recession.  The Marxist regime of Boss Biden is still lying about the COVID treatment in spite of the fact that CDC personnel admit that the “vaccine” doesn’t work and in truth is harming many who have been injected with it.    

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After a 55 year career as a professional pilot in the military, in law enforcement, in the private sector, and in federal civil service, I am now retired.

In many of these positions I repeatedly took an oath to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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