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Nota launches verbal attack against Berita during Women’s Month

Controversial clout chaser Nota Baloyi has launched another verbal attack against his estranged wife, Berita, during Women’s Month as she tours Europe.

His latest tirade comes just days after he declared “F*** Women’s Day” on his Twitter page. 

“I spoke out about Gender Based Violence, Femicide [and] Rape Culture they tried to use my wife to shut me up, now she’s posting thirst traps @BeritaAfroSoul… Her career was going well until she started listening to the people poisoning her against me. I’ll pray on it, lord help her!” he added. 

Nota was instantly questioned about this by Twitter users who saw his rant. 

“Don’t do this if [you] ever loved [your] wife I’m sure [you] have her cellphone numbers call her there’s no need [to] be all over social media and doing [this],” pleaded @Cheessgirl, to which Nota responded: “They told her to block me so I can’t contact her except for when she calls me occasionally. She last called me on the 26th of July. Please pray for her, she’s self destructing in front of our eyes!”

Scores of followers asked him to “move on”, “let go” and to stop behaving like a bitter ex and he spent the better part of his day responding to as many tweets as he could. 

In addition to the range of bizarre claims he has made about her and the reasons for the end of their marriage, he also claimed that the Illuminati had gotten to her and that an evil spirit now lives in her body. Nota then claimed he faced abuse in their marriage.

Upon seeing that she recently performed at a wedding, he then accused her of “using him” for marriage content. 

“Maybe @beritaafrosoul used me for marriage content to get wedding bookings… She’s wiped her Instagram timeline like she didn’t across vowing to be with me for better or worse in sickness & in health… How can someone who clearly doesn’t respect her own vows be a wedding singer?”

At a later stage, he admitted that she had blocked him on social media which means that he uses alternate methods to view the things she had posted as he cannot do so from his own account. 

Berita did not have much to say in response and she simply repeated her wish for Nota to get help.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, published in July 2022, Berita confirmed that she had left their marital home earlier this year and said; “The day I decided to leave my marriage. Is the day I had to choose between being married and being alive”.

She added that she had been quiet about the matter out of respect for the families involved, alluding to the fact that their respective families may have been discussing the issue. 

“Morning tweeps. I was off Twitter for a couple of days. I only became aware of the statements made by Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ last night. I would like to first of all clear the air by being transparent to you all.

“I have been quiet because there is families involved in this situation. I am no longer married to Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi. I left our marital home on Thursday the 13 of January 2022. As it stands we are currently separated,” she wrote.

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